The Hunna Discuss Their Debut Album, ‘100’

Young and carefree, the UK-based band The Hunna, made up of Ryan Potter (vocals/guitar), Dan Dorney (lead guitar), Jermaine Angin (bass), and Jack Metcalfe (drums) is set to take on America. They are signed to 300 Entertainment, co-founded by two huge names in the music industry: Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles. The group recently finished their first U.S. tour and is preparing to release their debut album 100 in late August. Here, the group tells us how they formed and the meaning behind the members’ fun nicknames.

Cliché: How was your group created?
The Hunna: We (Dan and Ryan) met in a music practice college course when we were 16 years old. Then we decided that being in a band is what we were going to do with our lives. We were in many different bands throughout the years whilst working and making money where we could. While doing this, we were educating ourselves and becoming familiar with the industry and how everything works. We then asked Jack to come to a rehearsal and join the band. We got along so well and he killed the kit. Dan knew Jermaine from junior school and he always came to our shows to support us. Jack asked Jermaine after a show in London if he wanted to join the band and play bass. He did. From that, The Hunna was born.
You all recently had a sold out show in New York at Mercury Lounge. How was that experience?
It was such a rad experience. Our first time ever in New York City and the show was a sell-out; we couldn’t believe it! All the American fans we met were so amazing and we honestly can’t wait to come back and see them all again. USA H-Gang has got it down and knows how to turn up hard. NYC livin’!
Do you guys have a favorite song to perform live or are there any huge fan favorites?
Right now it has to be a +1Hunna track (bonus track) from the album called “Bad For You.” Every single time we play that tune, we all go mad—straight up possessed when we’re on that stage! [Laughs] We love it.
Who are your biggest music inspirations?
All four of us are very universal when it comes to music. We are always open to any genre, just as long as that specific track is good to listen to. We are always searching for badass tunes and we always share them with each other. Music fishing! Our influences are Kings of Leon, Drake, Foals, Kanye, Roy Woods, Deftones, Biffy Clyro, Bombay Bicycle Club, Young Thug, Wiz, and many more.
Music is widely described as a “universal language.” Does the music scene in the U.S. differ from the U.K. at all?
We think the music and the scene is like how it is back home. At times, we did think a few bands had that American feel and sound, but overall it’s very, very similar.
How did you all receive or create your nicknames? Jermaine is “The Prince,” Ryan is “Valentino,” Jack is “Insta King,” and Dan is “Bandana Dan.”
[Laughs] Yeah, the Hunna names are awesome; we have so many for each other now. We never plan or force the names for anybody or us. They always have to come naturally; that’s when they are the best. Ryan is called Valentino because he was supposed to be born on Valentine’s Day, but he was born a few hours too late and got called Ryan. The day he told us this was the day we stopped calling him Ryan.
You reply to fans on your Facebook and Twitter pages regularly. How important is it to you to connect with your fans?
We always do our best to respond to them. Seeing what they have to say is always loads of fun. They mean everything to us. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are forever grateful for their support. Long live the Hunna Gang…AHOO, AHOO, AHOO!
Your debut album, 100, is coming out late August. What can your current fan base and those who don’t know the group expect from the album?
Expect complete radbars! Each song is unique and written about real experiences and situations we found ourselves in. We put a serious amount of time and energy into this album and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We’re seriously stoked for the world to hear it.
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