Ethan Thompson releases “Nothing’s Easy My Love”

Singer/songwriter Ethan Thompson is on a mission this summer to release his debut EP track by track, and the first one to see the light of day is the sentimental ballad, “Nothing’s Easy My Love.”
In our recently released June/July issue, the 24-year-old former American Idol contestant explains that he was struck with inspiration for this song in the middle of a workout one day. Knowing he had to record what he could before he forgot it completely, he leapt up, grabbed his guitar (practically dripping with sweat), and wrote the majority of the song immediately. The following day he revisited the demo and polished it up.
In this tender love ballad, Thompson sings, “the world might tear us right apart / but I’ll keep you / here in my heart” and “nothing’s easy my love / but we’re easy my love / and I’m here for you,” as if declaring his loyalty and affection through thick and thin. Now, what girl doesn’t want to hear that?
Be sure to listen to the track below or on Thompson’s Bandcamp page, and tell us what you think in the comments!

Be sure to follow Thompson this summer on Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube as he releases his EP song by song. For more information and for a touring scheduling, visit

Music and Lyrics: Ethan Thompson
Production: Brian Phillips and Ethan Thompson
Mix and Master: Tyler Scott
Bass: Jacob Knox
Drums: Alex Bailey
Inspiration: Life

Ethan Thompson releases “Nothing’s Easy My Love”: Photo courtesy of Ethan Thompson

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