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While it is true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, lingerie is a very close second, and perhaps Galina Sheveleva, the creator of GSintimates, would agree. The Canadian designer has always found herself interested in beautiful, luxurious fabrics and uses silk and lace respectively in all her designs. From dainty, creamy white babydoll nightgowns and silk shorts to ultra-feminine sleep masks and stockings, there’s something to fit every girl’s taste, style, and fantasy. Below we chat with Sheveleva about her designing process, her favorite pieces from her shop, and even better things to come.

Cliché: When did you realize you wanted to open a lingerie boutique?
Galina Sheveleva: I have been making garments here and there for years now. However, I started to play with the idea of opening my lingerie boutique last summer and within a few weeks, I had fully undertaken that initiative.
What is your designing process like?
I always carry a notebook with me because it is often in the weirdest places and situations that an idea hits me, and if I don’t sketch it, I will forget it. Once I have many designs in my notebook, I pick which ones I want to play around with and make samples of. I buy different fabrics and do several versions of the garments, noting which ones work best.
Which piece from the collection is your favorite?
I’ll cheat a little bit and give you two. One is the golden sleep mask. Why? Because it’s a great sleep accessory. It is very soft and comfortable, looks amazing, and is fully functional. The other one would have to be the silk slip. The fabric is a silk satin, which feels wonderful against your skin. When I put it on, I feel like a movie star from the 60’s, pampered and gorgeous at the same time.
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Have you ever wanted to design other types of clothing?
I definitely want to expand my brand in the future and design all kinds of garments. My inspiration is not limited to lingerie and sleepwear.
What can we look forward to from GSintimates in the near future?
More diverse lingerie and sleepwear collections. Also more creative designs, more assortments of garments, and a more interactive online store.
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GSintimates Interview “Beauty Sleep” first appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2014 issue
Model: Sara Sue Vallee; Photographer: Joanna Vnukovska; Designer: Galina GS

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