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‘Divide’ Shows A New Side Of Ed Sheeran

The much-anticipated album, Divide by Ed Sheeran, was finally released on March 3, 2017. Divide broke a Spotify record with a crazy number of streams within the first 24 hours. With 12 creatively different songs, Sheeran came back strong with this album. The singer-songwriter just recently announced his north American tour with this album that will start out in Kansas City on June 29, 2017.

The album begins with “Eraser,” a song with a folk feel to it along with a pop undertone. “Eraser” has a bit of an edge to it, making it a mysterious, yet intriguing start to the album.
Then, it  goes into “Castle on the Hill” which was released as a single prior to the album debut and immediately became popular. Reminding us of childhood and easier times. “Castle on the Hill” is an upbeat song that everyone can relate to while singing along.
Sheeran tries a couple of new things throughout this album. “Dive” has a bluesy feel to it, while songs like “Galway Girl” and “Eraser” have a folk vibe with the fiddles strung throughout.
The ballads of this album are where Sheeran shines. “Happier” tells the tale of the girl who moves on and the boy who is lovesick. The lyrics are incredibly passionate and really show where Sheeran excels as a songwriter. Another song, “Perfect” has a fairytale feel to it. The orchestra adds to the magical ambiance to the song.
Toward the end of the album, Sheeran really digs in deep with “Supermarket Flowers,” a ballad saying goodbye to his beloved grandmother — Let’s just say it’s hard not to shed some tears.
Divide isn’t all sadness and heartbreak, there are some fun, upbeat songs like “New Man” and “Shape of You,” even though according to an interview with Glamour Magazine, “Shape of You” almost didn’t make it into the album. Sheeran didn’t feel like the song was his style and it was almost kept off.
In addition to the 12 original songs, there are four bonus tracks on the deluxe version of the album that can be found on Apple Music or Spotify. We can definitely see a new perspective to Ed Sheeran through Divide and its huge success.
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Divide Shows A New Side Of Ed Sheeran. Photo courtesy of Ed Sheeran’s FB.

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