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Deaf Havana Chats New Album ‘All These Countless Nights’

Deaf Havana is a UK rock group that found success in 2013 with their album Old Souls. This time, the group is back again with a new album called All These Countless Nights and they’re ready for a new year of excitement. Here, bass guitarist Lee Wilson discusses the group’s new album and their hopes for the future.

Cliché: When did Deaf Havana first form? How did you all come together?
Lee Wilson: It was around 2005 when we first formed Deaf Havana. James (Veck-Gilodi) and I played in numerous bands together throughout high school and met Tom through an ex-member he went to college with. Around 2012, we asked Matthew (James’ brother) and Max to session for the band on tour, and it wasn’t long before we asked them both to join.

What has been the biggest influence on your music?
A series of unfortunate events and a lot of alcohol.

You just released your new album
All These Countless Nights. What was the best part of making this album?
For me, it was recording the tracks live at Air Studios. It was exciting to be able to hear the structure of the songs come together.

How is this album different from your others?
This is the first album where we’ve actually done pre-production. We normally rush into the studio without knowing our parts! It’s a lot more stripped back than Old Souls, but has a lot more emotion and live energy.

Your new single “Trigger” is pretty emotional. Can you talk a little bit about what inspired this song?
“Trigger” is about James feeling alienated in his previous relationship and being too lazy to do anything, including break up with her.

Do you write your music together?
“Too many cooks” comes to mind. [Laughs] James normally writes the basis of the song, then we all come together and arrange if needed.

What has been the most exciting part of your success thus far?
The most exciting part hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully 2017 will be a good year for us.
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Deaf Havana Chats New Album ‘All These Countless Nights’. Photography by Jordan Green.

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