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Prinze George Releases 90s Inspired House Track “Purple Sunset”

Alt-pop group Prinze George just released their newest single, a rejuvenating 90s inspired house track titled “Purple Sunset.” The track comes following the release of their “Together” EDM based collaboration with Platinum selling DJ, Shaun Frank.

An invigorating and uplifting electro pop production, “Purple Sunset” was created out of Prinze George’s first days living in LA right before the pandemic, exploring what the city had to offer. Lead vocalist Naomi Almquist used the time in isolation to take notice of the nature in LA and chose to look into the good she had, rather than focusing on the loss of being away from family during such an uncertain time. It’s a song about finding your center and being grateful for the world around you in its purest form. Vocalist Naomi Almquist explains:


We started working on purple sunset a couple of days after Easter 2020. We had just moved to LA from MD a month before lockdown after a pretty brutal year and we were trying to be productive and survive and make sense of the isolation and loss we were all feeling. We were hiking a lot during the pandemic and as east coasters we were so grateful for this new access to all of the natural beauty LA has to offer. 


I started exploring this concept of using nature as a reference point instead of people, like I always have. We were far away from our families and oldest friends. We had our roommates and each other and the mountains and the sky and I wanted to focus on that; on what we had at our fingertips…instead of what we lost.” – Naomi Almquist, Prinze George


While producing the track, the duo took their time finding the perfect chorus, and connected with a piece of gospel that just felt right. Almquist elaborated, 


We want to make sure that people know that we are not trying to dictate any religious ideology to anyone…frankly, we don’t care what you believe. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone and are leading with love, we don’t care how you get there. Whether you worship God or Buddha or the mountains, just make sure you remember to look outside of yourself and your own life for balance occasionally. Safety, peace, strength and healing can be achieved when we stop centering ourselves so much” – Naomi Almquist, Prinze George


Inspired by their hometown roots of Prince George’s County, Maryland, Prinze George is an American Alternative Pop band formed by life-long partners Kenny Grimm (Producer) and Naomi Almquist (Vocalist) in 2013. Soon after, the two recruited then-student Isabelle De Leon (Drummer) while at college. Influenced by a wide array of genres – from folk to electronica to R&B – Prinze George’s music takes the listener on an emotional, introspective journey. With strong harmonics rooted in live instrumentation, danceable grooves in the outer layer of their discography, and themes of love, friendship, loss and perseverance – Prinze George is emerging and transcending across radars, giving a fresh perspective to the pop genre lyrically and sonically.


Following the release of their self-titled EP Prinze George, the band went on tour with Albert Hammond Jr as direct support in 2015. Bolstering their growing reputation, they dropped their debut album, Illiterate Synth Pop, in 2016 and joined Lewis Del Mar on his North American Tour. After impressing fans at festivals like Austin City Limits, Eaux Claires, and Firefly with their nostalgic, synth-soaked sound, innovative and distinctive lyrics, and mesmerizing, gripping performances, the band released their last EP, Airborne in 2018. Around the same time, Naomi and Kenny were given the opportunity to write songs for actor/director Til Schweiger’s film “Head Full of Honey” in Europe. They continued to expand their loyal following and break genre barriers thanks to a string of collaborations in 2019 with some of the industry’s top artists like Carnage, Diplo, G-Eazy & Wiz Khalifa (“Slot Machine,” “Letting People Go” & “Wait For Me”). Their latest EP effort, Happy Garden, dropped March 26th of this year, featuring singles “Garden in the Sky,” “Taller,” and “Centuries.” 

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