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3 Mental Health Reasons to Learn how to Play the Piano

learn how to play the piano

Today we want to share 3 mental health reasons to learn how to play the piano. Listening to music and playing an instrument can improve certain cognitive functions. Considering how powerful music is on the mind, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. However, people that learn how to play the piano have also shown other mental health benefits. Yes, playing an instrument can improve mental health!

It’s one of many artistic activities that are more than just a great way to spend your time. If you want to learn more, consider reading ahead.

Good Reasons to Learn How to Play the Piano

Learning to play the piano, and many other instruments, for that matter, can do a lot more than improve your memory. The entire process trains people in discipline, consistency, and long-term goal setting. For some, the benefits to mental health are at the helm of the reasons to learn to play the piano.

Here’s a quick look at what most consider the top 3 mental health benefits.

Reduced Stress Levels

Browsing a catalog of the best pianos, and dedicating time and effort to learning the instrument, can actually reduce your levels of stress. And, when compared to other artistic activities like molding clay and calligraphy, playing the piano had the best results.

In some cases, it reduced cortisol levels significantly, resulting in a more calm state. Researchers recommend about 30 minutes of practice every day for noticeable stress relief.

More Patience

Tapping away at the keys on a piano can also increase your levels of patience. This is a result of the delayed gratification that comes with the territory of learning any new instrument. You won’t improve immediately, and you have to dedicate time every day.

Mistakes, setbacks, and other frustrations are a few of the obstacles you have to overcome. But, if you can stay persistent, your patience should improve. Best of all, it’s a quality that will roll over to other parts of your life!

Confidence Boost

Piano players tend to give off an aura of both humility and confidence. The truth is, learning any new skill will improve your confidence. However, playing the piano is unique in a few ways.

There’s no ordered list of best instruments to play. However, the piano is considered, in general, a very classy choice. It’s generally compared to the value it had in prior centuries when only nobles had access to the instrument. Dressing well, maintaining good posture, and letting the keys speak for you are all part of a bigger, and classy, picture.

Pianos: Beneficial to Mental Health

Those who want to learn how to play the piano should really consider giving it a try. You can weave together some wonderful tunes, and many consider it one of the most enjoyable instruments to play. But, there are a few other reasons why people are starting to pick it up as of late.

It can provide a variety of mental health benefits. Who doesn’t want to reduce their stress levels, have more patience, and feel just a bit more confident? Additionally, playing any instrument has been shown to improve certain cognitive functions.

Hopefully, this article provided you with some useful information on why playing the piano is a good idea. If it did, consider taking a look at some of the other posts on the site!

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