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Which Type of ‘Seducer’ Are You?

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Which type of seducer are you? In 2001, author Robert Greene released his second book “The Art of Seduction.” The book was an international bestseller, fascinating readers with Greene’s examination of social power through seduction. In his book, Greene pointed out that seduction is more of a game of psychology than beauty, and that anyone can become adept at it. In the book, Greene noted that there are nine different types of seducers.

Whether you have read the book or not, it is interesting to think about which type of seducer you might be. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these nine types and some examples of each one:

The Siren

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Sirens are able to seduce others by their beauty and ability to inspire fantasy. They often possess a certain sexual energy to them and they strive to only show others their positive characteristics. For example, Marilyn Monroe was a classic siren due to her ability to inspire a sense of masculinity in men.

The Rake

Rakes have a way of figuratively stirring the pot and making us feel good about ourselves. When life seems rather humdrum, a rake will come along and rile things up a bit. The rake is especially adept with language and will use words to seduce another person. When rakes find someone that they want, they will make it clear that they will do anything to win you over.

The Ideal Lover

This type of seducer is very good at knowing what another person wants and seeing how much potential you have. They will take the time to really get to know you, asking questions to learn more about what makes you tick, and they will be quite empathetic. They represent a perfect vision of love, like a knight in shining armor in children’s books. If you tell an Ideal Lover what you want, he or she will do their best to create it for you.

The Dandy

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The Dandy is able to seduce men with masculine traits and attract women with feminine traits. They are completely free of gender roles and norms and can be ambiguous and wonderfully free of labels. People will often fall for the Dandy because of their effortless ability to question traditional values.

The Natural

If you feel you are a kid trapped in an adult’s body or you know someone who is, this is a classic description of a Natural. They have fun no matter what they are doing and are playful like a young child. People who miss the carefree days of their youth will often be attracted to the Natural, since they can help inspire these feelings in us. The Natural is also very sincere and can make others feel at ease right away.

The Coquette

Coquette is a French word meaning a flirtatious woman. This pretty much sums up how a Coquette will seduce others. There will be some teasing and sensuality, but then he or she will pull back and be mysterious. You may feel like you are just getting to know a Coquette when suddenly your texts are not answered for days at a time. They can be loyal at times but overall they are not very reliable as a partner.

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The Charmer

When it comes to seduction, the Charmer has it down pat. They will feed your ego by telling you how brilliantly wonderful you are while praising you and validating everything you do. When you meet someone for the first time and walk away feeling like you are really awesome (which, of course, you are), you have probably just come face to face with a Charmer. Granted, there may be some manipulation at play here with this type of seducer and there are times they may truly seem too good to be true.

The Charismatic

If you have ever been in a room filled with people yet all of the attention and energy seems to go to one person, he or she is probably a Charismatic. They are brimming with self-confidence and are extremely content with themselves. If you ever wondered who has a closet full of sexy Halloween costumes at the ready-for-fun encounters with their partners, it is a Charismatic. They will have no problem dressing up as a superhero or space hero and enjoying a passionate evening with their love.

The Star

This type of seducer will stand out from the ordinary. They possess a magical and almost mythical specialness to them that makes them seem out of our league—which is exactly why they are so attractive. Many musicians, actors and famous authors are in this category. And while they may seem larger than life, they have a down-to-earth quality that allows them to relate to others.

So…Which One are You?

The idea that seducers fall into one of nine categories is intriguing. As you read through these descriptions, maybe you saw shades of yourself in one and your partner in another. So are you a Rake, a Natural, a Siren or maybe a Coquette? See if you can decide and then ask your friends what they think—it may lead to some interesting discussions!

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