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The Best Sparkling Soda Maker for Home Use

The Best Sparkling Soda Maker for Home Use

Nothing refreshes a hot summer more than a cool soda drink. While water can quench the thirst, a soda can help you regain the energy to survive the scorching heat. You may find people filling up the refrigerator with soda cans from different brands. But what if we could make our own soda at home instantly whenever we need it? Glacier Fresh has made that dream come true with its revolutionary cold soda maker. 

Glacier Fresh Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker Review  

Trying out the soda maker was an exciting experience and stirred up old memories. The soda maker has a very compact design with a tiny refrigerator-like form factor. It comes with a satisfying handle which when pulled down dispenses the soda into the storage container. From that storage, you can dispense it down to a glass or cup whenever you like. This is a safety feature of this soda maker that avoids excess pressurized water from being dispensed inside your cup leading to danger.

The soda maker is equipped with instant cooling technology which provides you with cool sparkling water at any time of the day. You don’t have to add ice or sit for long hours to get it refrigerated. It instantly provides you with cold soda once you press down the handle. The temperature of the soda is displayed in the machine itself so that you can get a chilled seltzer at any part of the day.

It has a small LED screen on the front that displays the temperature, status of cooling, and carbonation level. This helps you to get the perfect soda for your requirements. The device is also equipped with a safety protection system that gives out an alarm when the carbonation is high and it releases the pressure automatically if there is an increase in the gas level. This helps you to avoid accidents and you can use the device confidently in your kitchen or anywhere in your household.

The water tank capacity of the soda maker is 1.6L which is approximately 4 glasses of soda. You can refill the tank and get instant soda easily. You can get the Glacier Fresh Food Grade CO2 gas cylinder to refill the device and enjoy a continuous supply of sparkling water goodness. Installing the canisters is also very easy and the price is also very affordable when compared to the soda cans you buy commercially from the supermarket.

The product is very easy to use and maintain. It is user-friendly and safe. You can remove the water tank to clean and refill it easily. You can replace the soda cans by checking the carbonation level with the LED display. The sensors inside the device can show the level of pressure and indicate to you when the gas is out of stock. Or you can find the time taken for carbonation to be very long and the sizzle to be very less in the soda. This is also an indication of canister replacement is required.

Since the overall product is very compact, you can conveniently place it on the kitchen table or the dining table. It is also comfortable to use in your living room so that you can drink soda while watching TV shows and movies.

The product can be bought with or without the soda canister and you can get refills by ordering online. The manufacturers have also provided you with a bunch of cocktails and mocktail recipes you can try with the soda maker machine.


Never go out to your local supermarket just to get a can of soda. Make your own sparkling water at your home with the Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker and enjoy unlimited soda whenever and wherever you like and it is the best Sparking Soda Maker for home use.

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