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Can You Smoke in Places in Florida?

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Florida is a popular destination for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse cultural attractions. According to the Florida government website, the state set a new record for visitors in the third quarter of 2023. Around 35.1 million people visited the state in that quarter alone. In fact, visitation in Florida continues to rise, with 105.2 million visitors until September 2023.

Whether a tourist or a local, if you smoke, you should know the regulations around smoking in public and private spaces. These regulations are designed to protect public health while balancing smokers’ rights. This article explores the current landscape of smoking regulations in Florida, providing insights into where you can and cannot smoke.

Historical Context

The regulation of smoking in Florida has evolved significantly over the past few decades. Initially, smoking was a common and largely unregulated activity, with few restrictions on where individuals could light up. However, growing awareness of the health risks associated with smoking and secondhand smoke exposure led to increased public demand for stricter controls.

In 2002, Florida voters approved the Florida Clean Air Act (FCAA), which prohibited smoking in most indoor public places and workplaces. This law was a major step forward in reducing exposure to secondhand smoke and improving public health.

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Indoor Smoking Restrictions

Under the FCAA, smoking is prohibited in most indoor workplaces, including offices, retail stores, and restaurants. Despite the broad restrictions, there are notable exceptions where smoking is permitted:

  • Private residences: Smoking is generally allowed in private homes, although there may be restrictions in multi-unit housing complexes where homeowners’ associations determine smoking policies.
  • Hotel rooms: Hotels and motels can designate a certain percentage of their rooms as smoking rooms. However, the exact number and the policies regarding smoking in these rooms can vary by establishment.
  • Retail tobacco shops: Specialty tobacco shops that primarily sell tobacco products are exempt from the indoor smoking ban. These establishments are designed for adult customers and provide a space for sampling and purchasing tobacco products.
  • Designated smoking areas: Some businesses, such as bars and nightclubs, can create designated smoking areas that are physically separated from non-smoking areas. To ensure effective separation, these areas must comply with specific ventilation and structural requirements.
  • Private clubs: Membership-based private clubs may allow smoking on their premises, subject to their rules and regulations. These clubs often cater to a specific clientele and are not open to the general public.

Outdoor Smoking Regulations

In Florida, recent legislative changes have given local governments more control over outdoor smoking regulations. A significant development is the passage of HB 105. As stated by Florida Politics, the act was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in June 2022. It allows cities and counties to restrict smoking and vaping in public parks and beaches under their jurisdiction.​

Public Spaces

While indoor smoking is heavily regulated, outdoor smoking policies are more lenient but still subject to certain restrictions:

  • Public parks and beaches: Local ordinances can regulate smoking in public parks and beaches. Some municipalities have implemented bans or designated smoking areas to reduce litter and protect public health. Visitors should check local regulations before lighting up in these areas.
  • Outdoor dining areas: Many restaurants and cafes offer outdoor seating where smoking may be permitted. However, this is at the business owner’s discretion, and some establishments may choose to implement their own no-smoking policies for outdoor areas.
  • Sports stadiums and entertainment venues: Large venues often have designated smoking areas to accommodate smokers. These areas are usually located away from main entrances and high-traffic areas to minimize exposure to secondhand smoke for non-smoking patrons.
  • Bars: Smoking in bars is also prohibited unless they don’t serve a lot of food. As mentioned in a Truth Initiative article, if bars are making 10% or less profits from food sales, then smoking is allowed. This helps ensure that people entering a bar only to enjoy food dishes are not exposed to secondhand smoke.

School Properties

Smoking is strictly prohibited on all public and private school properties, including outdoor areas. This ban extends to school-sponsored events and activities, even if held off-campus. The goal is to protect students, staff, and visitors from harmful tobacco smoke exposure and promote a healthy learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you smoke at hotels in Florida?

In Florida, hotel smoking restrictions differ. Many Florida hotels offer dedicated smoking areas. However, most are smoke-free due to the Florida Clean Air Act, which forbids smoking in enclosed indoor workplaces, including most hotel rooms. It’s important to verify their smoking policy with the hotel.

Can I smoke at the beach in Florida?

Smoking on Florida beaches is typically legal, while some municipal legislation may prohibit it. Several beaches have designated smoking zones or completely prohibit smoking to prevent trash and safeguard the environment. It is essential to check local legislation before lighting up.

Is Vaping Legal in Florida?

Vaping is allowed in Florida, although it is subject to the same limitations as smoking. The Florida Clean Air Act prohibits vaping in indoor workplaces, including restaurants, bars, and public areas. There may also be other local rules that limit where you may vape.

To conclude, smoking regulations in Florida reflect a complex interplay between public health priorities and individual freedoms. The state has made significant strides in reducing exposure to secondhand smoke through comprehensive indoor and outdoor smoking bans.

For residents and visitors alike, understanding where smoking is permitted in Florida requires awareness of both state laws and local ordinances. By respecting these regulations and considering the health of others, smokers can help contribute to a healthier, smoke-free environment for all.

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