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Big Style in a Small Package: How to Master Petite Fashion

petite fashion

If you’re a small woman, mastering petite fashion is something that should be at the top of your list of priorities. Getting it right can help you bring your A-game and feel great about the way you look. But what do you need to do? That’s the topic of this post. We look at how you can cram big style into a small package and enjoy all your outfits, whether you’re off to work, socialising or just lounging around the house. Here’s some guidance that will help you. 

Look For Blogs Covering Petite Fashion

Before you do anything, finding blogs that cover petite fashion is an excellent idea. These often have numerous guidelines and ideas you can use to up your game and feel like your best self. 

Try to find a range of blogs to explore. Look for outlets offering something new and unique you can latch onto. Find writers that operate in your part of the world and understand local fashion trends. These often have the best advice, given the climate and culture of the area. 

Find Dedicated Stores

The next step is to find dedicated petite women’s stores that cater to individuals just like you. These often have special relationships with manufacturers and more of a range of options that you can choose from. 

For example, it can be hard to find size 4 women’s shoes or small sizes in most mainstream stores. Women’s shoe sizes usually start around 5 and go up from there. 

However, many of these petite-focused stores can go down to size 1 and sometimes even smaller than that. This way, you don’t have to go into the kids’ section. You can choose whatever shoes you want and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you. The same applies to other items, like jeans, crop tops, blazers, jackets, dresses and skirts. Petite women can find these more challenging to obtain via mainstream channels, but they are easy to find once you go to dedicated stores. 

Prioritise Fit

Once you find the clothes you want, the next step is to prioritise the fit. Make sure it hugs your body and flatters your frame. The more you can bring out your underlying shape, the more attractive the clothes will appear. 

Don’t go for too baggy or long. These can swamp you and ruin your proportions. Instead, look for clothes that hug. Even if you’ve worn baggy clothes in the past, ask yourself whether that was a style choice or just something you had to do because there weren’t any other options. Usually, you’ll find you didn’t have a choice and just had to make do. Getting clothes to fit can be challenging for petite women, especially if your body shape is non-standard. Therefore, look for tailored pieces or work with someone who can adjust your clothing after you buy it. 

Play With Proportions

You also want to play around with proportions when you get the chance. These can change how you appear dramatically. Over time, you’ll develop an eye for the proportions that fit you best. The more you can understand how these work on your frame, the better. Many petite women focus on elongating their legs with skirts and heels. These can change your overall proportions, making you feel taller. 

You can also try experimenting with crop tops. These shorten the abdomen, again making the body appear longer. As always, you’ll want to keep experimenting until you find a formula to fit. It can take time to discover a wardrobe that offers a balance between style and proportionality. 

Find Clothes With Elongating Designs

It’s also a good idea to focus on clothing options that offer natural elongation. These can help to lengthen your body and improve your proportions. For example, you could invest in more V-neck tops. Garments with plunging necklines can add to your height and give you a more elegant appearance. 

Another classic strategy is to focus more on vertical stripes. Again, these have an elongating visual effect and can change how you appear considerably. Many petite women choose monochromatic outfits for the same effect. Making your body appear as a single entity (instead of being separated by separate garments) can have a lengthening effect and look elegant at the same time. 

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

petite fashion

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels

Another way to master petite fashion is to choose your shoes wisely. Wearing heels can be an excellent way to give you more height while appearing stylish at the same time. When it comes to shoes that add height, you have numerous options as a petite woman. The most obvious is heels, but you could also try platforms and wedges. In some cases, these options can be better because they add more bulk to the lower extremities, again contributing to the optical illusion that makes you look taller. 

Choose Your Accessories Wisely

At the same time, you need to choose your accessories wisely. While clothing is important, accessories can change your shape and appearance considerably, depending on how you deploy them. The general advice is to keep earrings and necklaces proportional to your frame. They should “make sense” in the context of the rest of your outfits. Don’t be afraid to start with simple accessories, like pearls and silver earrings. These meld into the background without dominating your look. Then, when you become more confident with your styling, you can experiment with other options. 

Long hanging earrings are an excellent option for petite women since they help to create a more elegant neckline. Small locket necklaces can also work, helping you look cute or sophisticated – whichever you prefer. 

Be Confident

The final piece of advice is to simply be confident. Having a sense that what you’re wearing looks great helps you carry it better. You’d be amazed by how much it could change your appearance. 

Over time, developing a signature style can make you feel more confident. The more you experiment, the closer you’ll get to what you want. So there you have it: how to be big on style while having a small package. Which of these tips will you use? 

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