Unusual Hobbies To Try

If you’re feeling a little tired of your day-to-day routine and feel like mixing it up with a new hobby, read on! We all know the classic hobbies everyone recommends (reading, writing, learning an instrument, etc.). Today we want to steer away from the obvious answers and recommended a few uncommon or unusual hobbies to try instead!  

Frisbee Golfing

The perfect combination between golfing and throwing a frisbee around for fun, frisbee golf is an ideal hobby to pick up as we head into those warmer months. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get outdoors and combine exercise with fun. You can frisbee golf alone or with friends, which makes it a great activity for when you are feeling social, as well as when you want to be alone. Look up your local course today!

unusual hobbies to try

Rock Painting

For all those who love art and being creative, try rock painting! A step above the typical art hobbies like painting, drawing, and photography, rock painting is a fun way to express your creative side and brighten someone’s day. All you need are some rocks of any size and paint! Once you’ve finished decorating, try leaving your creations around your community to surprise and delight your neighbors.

unusual hobbies to try

Soap Carving

If you have an interest in sculpting and design, but do not want to jump straight into something more intense right away (such as wood carving), try soap carving! This is a great way to relax, unwind, and release your creative side. Fun for people of all ages and, this is the perfect starter hobby to begin sculpting as it does not require expensive materials like wood or clay. All you need is some soap!

Jewelry Making

Another great and unique hobby for anyone wanting to be more artistic and creative. Jewelry making is a great way to express yourself, learn something new, and create truly beautiful pieces. Jewelry making is a broad hobby as you can make anything from rings to earrings with materials from paperclips to old spoons. You can even try selling your creations online once you get really good or maybe give them as gifts to your loved ones! No matter how unique or different your style is, you can find some way to express it with jewelry making.

Home Brewing

If you enjoy alcohol such as wine, beer, or cider, why not try your hand at home brewing? There are plenty of starter kits available to help you begin the process of becoming a master homebrewer. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family as you show up to dinner parties with your fabulous homebrew.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas about new and unusual hobbies to try!

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