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Traveling After the COVID19 Pandemic: 5 Things Needed to Travel Safely

If you are thinking of traveling after COVID19, we’d like to share 5 things needed to travel safely.  While the local COVID-19 pandemic has technically only been out of control for a couple of months, there’s no denying that it already feels like a couple of years.  When I’m cooped up inside away from my friends or family, even the treat of working from home has already become mundane.  When the pandemic has passed, or at least somewhat settled down, the travel industry is going to explode.

Here are 5 things to pack to travel safely when you inevitably join the migration.

  • A Fashionable Face Mask or Face Covering
traveling during COVID19

yiyiphotos / Pixabay

Even after things have gone back to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re never truly going to be the same.  One of the biggest differences we’re going to see is that face masks or face coverings like bandanas or headbands are going to remain commonplace.

To save yourself some money and to look great while you’re on the road, pick up a reusable ear loop face mask or even one of the countless bandana styles from Hoo-Rag.  I love it when I receive a nod from a fellow Texan because of my stylish flag face mask bandana.

  • Travel First Aid Kit

When you’re on the road, always ensure you have some sort of travel first aid kit in your car or backpack.  While simple things such as bandages and paracetamol should be staples, there are a few extras you need to consider after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Use the following list as a simple first aid checklist:

  • Bandages, bandaids, gauze, tapes and any scissors required to cut each to size.
  • Antibacterial and antiseptic creams or ointments to place on small wounds.
  • Over the counter painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin.
  • Cold and flu tablets or lozenges including antihistamines for allergies.
  • Imodium for reasons that I don’t need to explain if you’ve ever been sick while in transit.

While this is in no way a complete list of first aid items, it contains the staples required for any travel kit.  Whatever you do, don’t forget any prescriptions or location specific medications unique to you.

  •  Your best Multipurpose Tech Item
traveling during COVID19

sweetlouise / Pixabay

I know that you travel to get away from your devices, but in today’s post pandemic world, you’re going to have to keep a phone on you to be safe.  I’d recommend packing a multipurpose tech device that solves multiple problems, all in the one device. 

Whether that’s staying in contact with loved ones, taking photos while you’re making travel memories, or to just play some games while you’re having some down time to yourself.  Any smart phone these days will do all of the simple jobs I’ve mentioned here, as well as so much more.  

  • Hand Sanitizer

Whether you’re a germaphobe or not, it’s simply polite to sanitize your hands when you step into stores or restaurants after being outside.  Pack a pump bottle of hand sanitizer that you can place in any of the external backpack pouches and use it when you enter any new doors.  Having some alcohol wipes for surfaces such as restaurant tables or rest stop stools are never a bad idea either.

Now that the initial panic buying hype has died down, all of these sanitizing items can be easily picked up from your local supermarket for no more than a few dollars each.

  • Travel Pillow

I’m going to round out my 5 things to pack to travel safely after the COVID-19 pandemic with a tried and true travel pillow.   Travel pillows are the ultimate comfort item.   If you’ve ever tried to catch up on sleep while you’re in transit, you’ll know these are a godsend.

Your body just isn’t designed to sleep while sitting up, so if you can get a pillow that helps support your neck while keeping you comfortable, you’re going to thank yourself.

Travel during and these challenging times is necessary for some but a choice for others.  Regardless of your reasons for traveling, we hope our list of 5 things needed to travel safely will come in handy.

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