Top Apps To Help Enjoy Takeaway Food On A Restricted Diet

takeaway apps for those on a restricted diet

Ordering takeaway is something a lot of people take for granted when they are not bound to some kind of restricted diet. Whether or not it is by choice, limiting the ingredients you eat can sometimes mean you have to do a little more research than most into where you choose to spend your money, and on what dishes you can choose from.  Takeaway apps and other healthy lifestyle apps can help.

Fortunately, due to the increasing advancements in technology, more people than ever have access to a smartphone – which means apps. Smartphones can be the restricted eater’s best friend, as there are many apps out there created by innovative developers that are dedicated to helping take the fuss out of food. So, here are three of the best apps out there to make ordering a takeaway that fits different dietary needs a little easier.


Source: MyFitnessPal via Facebook

If you are on a calorie restricted diet, finding out the nutritional content of food is often an important factor for you. In the world of dieting and fitness, food that helps aid weight loss is said to have less calorie per bites in comparison to higher calorific options. By entering an ingredient into MyFitnessPal, you can quickly learn its nutrition profile, roughly how much of your macros it’ll contain and even whether or it is the best option for you. For example, if you’re currently on a low carb diet looking for a protein rich dish, you can use the app to weigh up your options and help you make the right decision. Alternatively, you can always wait until your order arrives, tuck in, and then track what you have eaten in the food diary to see your macro score for the day.


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The Deliveroo app is a useful option for people who want to be able to order from high-end restaurants in a particular area, but especially so those that cater to their particular dietary requirements. The online delivery service operates across towns and cities worldwide, so is a good go-to when visiting different places just as much as it is at home. Users can also filter eateries close to their location by diet style just as easily as by the origin of their favorite cuisine. For example, as well as being able to request a list of restaurants in London that serve Mexican food, users can also request to see vegan restaurants, or places that offer gluten-free options. Orders can even be placed in advance, which is a great feature if you are planning to eat with friends or stay late at the office. This way, rather than have to spend time trying to break down various dishes from a menu whilst everybody else has already placed their order, you can plan ahead to save yourself both time and a lot of hunger.

Is That Gluten Free?


Source: Is That Gluten Free? via Facebook

Is That Gluten Free? claims to be the #1 Gluten Free App currently on Apple’s App Store. According to the creators, Is That Gluten Free? has over 36,000 manufacturer-verified gluten-free products in its database. This app can really come in handy when you’re unsure whether or not an ingredient contains gluten. While most restaurants do clearly label gluten-free products from everything else, using this app can help give you a little extra piece of mind if you’re coeliac but still like to enjoy a Saturday night takeaway. One of the best features in this app is the immediate feedback response, meaning you do not have to wait around to find out whether or not you can eat something. Users also have the ability to add their own foods to the database, meaning they can recommend the best coeliac-safe takeaway dishes they have found to other sensitive diners. So, whether or not you are new to eating gluten-free, this app is certainly recommended.

So, there are our top takeaway apps to help enjoy takeaway food on a restricted diet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more out there. New dietary apps are being developed every day, while existing ones continue to grow and expand their usability. If our concise list has sparked your interest, make sure to head to the Play Store and the App Store, where you can download our picks straight to your smartphone.

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