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So you mustered the energy to work out, got dressed, left the house, got to the gym, hopped on a treadmill, walked for a few minutes, hopped off of the treadmill, and froze. What do I do next? What body part should I train? What machine should I use? How many reps should I do? And most importantly, how do I know if my workout is working out for me? To answer those questions and more, you need a little help, be it from a trainer or a guide. Luckily, a trainer can be affordable, pocket-sized, and available anywhere and anytime. Here are some of the best workout apps you need to download now for more efficient training and better tracking of your fitness progress.

1. Fitbit
If you have any friends who are trying to get in shape, you may have seen a post or two by them tracking their progress on the Fitbit app. This app is great if you want to track how many steps you took, miles you walked or ran, floors you climbed, your heart rate, and even your sleeping patterns.

2. CycleCast
This is perfect if you have a bicycle at home or want to use one at the gym but can’t find the motivation to use it. Download CycleCast and get a 30-Day free trial with a world-class trainer. You can also listen to hit music while you exercise.

3. Sworkit
Sworkit allows you to choose your own workouts and workout length, and it lets you watch videos on how to correctly perform your exercises. It does not require any equipment and will train you in yoga, cardio, pilates, strength, and stretching, all of which are included as free features.

4. 7 Minute Workout
Brought to you by Johnson and Johnson, the 7 Minute Workout App is a great tool for the busy people who know that a short workout is better than no workout, especially if it’s done efficiently. The app allows you to choose between thousands of modified and customized exercises to keep you motivated and on the move.

5. Jillian Michaels Workout App
From the most well-known trainer in the world, this fitness app will aid, guide, and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Michaels’ app provides daily tips, exercise instructions and routines, healthy recipes, a calorie counter, and even personalized meal plans. It’s everything you could ever want in a workout app and more.

Tell us: what are your favorite workout apps?
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