Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Spring Cleaning Tips

With the first day of spring behind us, we all know what that means: spring cleaning! If you feel that inexplicable urge this time of year to tear your home apart, declutter, and clean to your heart’s content, we are here to help! Here are some spring cleaning tips and tricks you can use to make your time a little more productive and a little more fun.


Make a plan

Spring Cleaning Tips

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First things first: if you want your spring cleaning to be a success and not something you start and get overwhelmed with halfway through, you need a plan. Figure out exactly what needs to be done and identify your priorities. If there’s one particular area you’ve been dying to get into, make that a higher priority. Consider writing a list of tasks you want to accomplish and putting them in priority order.

Organize your supplies

Before you even begin cleaning it is important to know what supplies you have and what you still need to buy. No one wants to stop cleaning to run to the store for toilet cleaner when you’re on a cleaning roll! Make sure you are prepared and have what you need before you begin. This saves you time in the long run.


Get helpers

Spring Cleaning Tips

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It can be difficult to clean your home by yourself. Depending on the tasks you want to accomplish, consider enlisting friends and family in your spring cleaning quest. Not only will this make the work get done quicker, it can also be a lot more fun to clean when you have some of your favorite people around you helping.

Open windows

Opening the windows is a great idea when starting your cleaning day (depending on the weather!). Getting that fresh air into your home as you clean will help the space feel fresh and purified. Not to mention how nice it is to have that lovely spring weather wafting in after months of locked windows!

Clean room by room                

Cleaning room by room is a good place to start if you are not sure what you want done. This gives you something to focus on and a goal to meet. Focusing your energy on one area is a great way to stay present and motivated. Seeing the results at the end is a good way to motivate you as you move to the other, messier rooms.

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