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The Final Frontier Of Body Positivity? Aging Gracefully

aging gracefully

Today we want to discuss aging gracefully. Body positivity has been a necessary movement over the last decade, with a central message: you shouldn’t be ashamed of your body no matter where you are in life and what shape or size it is. Of course, body positivity can sometimes be weaponized in certain respects – being overweight isn’t as healthy as being the correct weight as we all know, but that doesn’t mean those in the former category should be ashamed of themselves, nor should they be dismissed, nor are they obligated to change this moment to suit others. The message of this movement was about self-acceptance and self-care.

This movement has seen major victories. For one, mostly Western-centric beauty brands have opened their product portfolios to include those with darker skin and various pigment types rightfully. And yet there’s still uncharted ground to cover. Perhaps the most pressing is that of aging. To this day, we still see celebrities alter their entire face once they reach a certain chapter of their lives, and it’s hard not to feel dismayed. Now, all that counts is their happiness. But could we be looking at this entire process more readily?

Let’s discuss some healthy measures for aging gracefully:

Taking A Healthy Attitude To Treatments

There’s nothing wrong with light work or treatments that help you feel your best. From taking the time to lose face fat or perhaps removing excess skin after a weight loss journey, you get to decide your approach. But it’s always important to make these decisions from a healthy and reasonable perspective, not covering up but caring for, and always in the interest of health. This can help you avoid intense corrective or coverage work that may prevent you from enjoying your natural aging dignity.

A Healthy Management Of Indulgence

Part of aging gracefully is caring for your body and what it needs. Getting more sleep, for example, is always a healthy pursuit. That being said, you shouldn’t have to live a monastic experience to age well. Drinking wine, enjoying baked goods, and sharing memories with your friends and family, all of this is key to a healthier and better life. Remember there are more elements of health than simply bodily, and sometimes a belly laugh shared with friends can be more restorative to your aging self than any perfect plan. A healthy management of this approach allows you to age more comfortably.

Embrace Changing Body Shapes

Our bodies change as they get older. For example, a healthy layer of fat can be helpful for us in our advanced years, as opposed to trying to keep a very slim frame. All of our bodies change, especially as we fluctuate in weight, as we get older, and as we experience what life has to offer. We should celebrate that while still being able to care for unhealthy changes. It’s important to remember that aging, be that through skin wrinkles, crows feet and whatever other advancement comes is to be celebrated. Why? Because aging is a privilege that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience. Gratitude, then, is the ultimate form of body positivity, no matter how old you are.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to age gracefully in the healthiest manner.

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