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10 Helpful Fashion Hacks for Traveling Women

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Today we want to share 10 helpful fashion hacks for traveling women. Traveling is great fun, but packing rarely is. After all, you have to plan out what to bring and how to make it all fit into your suitcase. Moreover, you need to find ways to make sure that your clothes will stay in decent shape, all while having limited access to a washing machine and dryer while you’re on a holiday or a business trip. Even ladies who travel often can still struggle with acing the fashion game while traveling.

Fortunately, there are hacks that you can try to make fashion less of a headache when traveling. From space-saving solutions to innovative travel products, here are a few tricks that can help you:

Keep Yourself Warm

ashion Hacks for Traveling WomenEven if you’re headed off to a place with a warmer climate, it can get very cold on the way to your destination. Long-haul flights and overnight train rides can get uncomfortable and unhealthy if you don’t keep yourself warm. Make sure to bring a jacket that you can easily reach for in your carry-on pack. Additionally, you can slip on a pair of tights to keep your legs and feet nice and toasty while giving you optimum freedom of movement. Don’t forget to pack a high-quality pair of pajamas so that you can wear sleepwear for comfort as soon as you settle in for bed.

Roll Up Your Clothes for Better Packing

While it might seem like second nature to lay your clothes flat in your suitcase, you might take up more space than you intend to. Instead, roll up your clothes and pack them that way. You’ll be surprised at how much more can fit in your suitcase. If you’re worried about wrinkling your clothes, you can put a piece of paper between your tops before rolling them up to help them keep their shape.

Palettes Are Your Best Friend

ashion Hacks for Traveling Women

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Bringing makeup during travel can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you have to pack several colors of the same product. Take a page out of the makeup artist’s book and get travel palettes that have everything you need in them.

Many cosmetic brands already sell palettes that have eyeshadows, blush, highlighter, and bronzer that suit a number of skin tones. Additionally, it’s easy to find lip palettes that have a variety of colors to choose from. It’s simply a matter of picking one that suits your needs and preferences.

Save Space by Packing Things Inside Your Shoes

While shoes are undeniably bulky items, you can put things inside them to save space. Rolled-up socks and small bottles can easily fit inside a shoe. This prevents these items from adding extra bulk and keeps them safe while you’re traveling. Best of all, this trick also helps your shoes stay in shape!

Use a Straw for Packing Necklaces

There’s nothing worse than having to untangle your necklace in your hotel room before you have to go. To avoid this, string your necklaces through a plastic straw and clasp them. Not only will doing this keep them in shape, but you now have a reason to save those plastic straws from your takeout orders.

Bring Versatile Jackets That Go with Anything

If you’re going to a cold-weather destination, you can get away with wearing the same 1-2 jackets for the duration of your stay. Leather, fleece, and knitted jackets don’t need to be frequently washed and won’t necessarily smell after a few wears. Plus, you’ll always look stylish in photos.

Travel Comfortably and Change When You Land

ashion Hacks for Traveling Women

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This should go without saying, but pack your heeled shoes and travel in comfortable footwear. If you have to go straight to a formal occasion or just want to look chic, simply change into your heels in the airport or on the way to your destination.

Use Your Hair Straightener to Unwrinkle Clothes

Sometimes, getting wrinkled clothing is inevitable. You can solve this problem in a pinch by using your hair straightener to iron it out. The shape of the wand makes it easy to flatten fabric and get into those hard-to-reach areas like the collar or between buttons.

Invest in a Travel Case for Your Undergarments

Keep your underwear from getting lost or deformed by getting a specialized case to store them in. This travel case will protect your intimates and make it easy for you to find them in your suitcase, too.

Keep Shirt Collars Stiff with a Belt

When going on a business trip, packing your office clothes can be a nightmare. The last thing you need to deal with is a crumpled and misshapen collar while you’re there. Keep this from happening by storing a coiled belt in your shirt collar. It saves space, too!

There’s no doubt that attending to your fashion needs can be difficult to do when you’re traveling. Hopefully, you found these tips helpful in making your life a little easier. Make sure to pack smart, travel in style, and enjoy your trip!

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