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Simple Snack Ideas for any Seasonal Party

watermelonWhether you are having a few friends over for a small gathering, a party full of buffet food (healthy options always available) or even staying in to watch movies with buddies, there are plenty of snacks and delights to put on the table. Take a look at these Kraft recipes if you need any more ideas.
Watermelon fruit bowl
This is probably one of the easiest and most eye-catching ideas. Simply carve out half a watermelon and fill with all your favorite fruit.
You should try to keep to a rainbow effect in the watermelon bowl, for example green grapes followed by red grapes, followed by some of the carved out watermelon. Pineapple, blueberries and bananas are a nice colorful addition to this fruit bowl rainbow too.
Build your own wrap
At parties, not everyone has the same tastes. For example if you make a plate of sandwiches you can’t be certain everyone will like the combinations laid out. So, put out a selection of wraps (wholewheat and white), with a wide selection of fillers to keep everyone happy.
Pasta makes perfect
Who can beat a big bowl of pasta? Bring your plate and fill up. Some popular and tasty ideas are chicken and pesto (throw some olives in too if you want to risk that ‘olive debate’), tuna mayonnaise with fresh chopped beetroot, and some added extras, like sweetcorn and onion.
Cocktail sticks
No, not just the wooden sticks. Get creative if you’re worried about laying out some cheese and pineapple (although you really can’t go wrong with that option). Try making them into mini kebabs using either fruit or a meaty savory option. A fantastic combination is sausage meat with a roasted cherry tomato.
Egg-bruschettaEgg bruschetta
Hard-boil some eggs, chop them in half and cover with finely chopped tomatoes, onion and basil. It’s that simple.
Naughty but nice
A sweet treat always wins at a party. If you can’t afford a chocolate fountain, why don’t you melt some dark chocolate in a saucepan, dip your strawberries so they are half covered, then leave them to set in your refrigerator. Be warned, you will have to make a lot of these, for obvious reasons. A healthy option is to use yogurt and then freeze. You can also try the same method but with cherries!
Cake dough lollipops
Making a perfect cake isn’t always easy. The disappointment is huge when you go to take your baked cake out of the oven and it promptly sinks right in the middle. So to avoid this untimely death of a cake, why not make your favorite cake, bake it as normal then rip into it and start making it into little balls?
Yes this might sound crazy, but if you pop these chunks of cake on a stick then coat in frosting, you’ve got yourself some easy cake pops.
The bonus is that you aren’t clearing up endless cake crumbs after your party because there are no slices to cut.

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