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Crop Tops Then and Now

If there’s one style “in” to focus on this summer, it’s the controversial, tummy-showing crop top. The amount of stomach skin we’re seeing from celebrities, models and snap-chat selfies calls for some scrutiny concerning this scandalous article of clothing.
Where did it come from? Where is it going?
Originally, the sequined-style bralet was worn by Middle Eastern belly dancers. However, the 80’s and North America captured this ancient cultural phenomenon and made it their own. Worn by Madonna and Britney Spears alike, the revealing and debatably flattering half-shirt had its invitation in to girls closets across the U.S.
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Lately, the crop top seems to be Miley Cyrus’s favorite, and can be seen in almost every popular store at the mall. Forever 21, Charolette Russe, H&M all carry trendy versions of the well-loved piece. The styles are endless, and flatter most every body-type.
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Will the endless crop-top cycle continue past this summer’s craze? We can only predict that history will repeat itself, so I suggest you hang on to your belly-showing shirts, and maybe one day your kids will benefit from your style-frenzied habits.
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