Master A New Skill In Just 24 Hours

Gene Pitney sung about planning a trip to Tulsa that would take him that long, but there are plenty of more productive ways of using up the 1,440 minutes that you have available to you, such as learning a new skill.
With the help of one of the thousands of instructional videos available through the hugely popular YouTube site, you take up the challenge of mastering a new skill in just a day. The only way to find out if you have a particular hidden talent is to go and try something new and when you can find videos showing you things like how to make cheese or how to speak a foreign language in just 24 hours, the possibilities are almost endless.
This infographic looks at the diverse range of videos you can view on YouTube that show you how to master valuable life skills like how to do CPR right through to the less important attribute of discovering how to peel an entire head of garlic in just 10 seconds.
Even if you have a basic understanding of a particular skill you can still find a video that can take you to the next level and improve your experience. There are specific channels that are designed to teach you virtually anything you want to know. Howcast is a network of multiple channels designed to do just that and eHow is packed with beauty and health tips as well as family-related skills and information.
If you are up to tech challenge then lifehacker offers you video guidance on things like how to upgrade RAM on a MacBook Pro but it is perhaps hard to know why you would want to know how to peel apples in just a few seconds using a cordless drill.
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