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Shh…! Here’s Everything You Need To Plan A Surprise Birthday Getaway

Shh…! Here’s Everything You Need To Plan A Surprise Birthday Getaway

Today we want to share everything you need to plan a surprise birthday getaway. What birthday gift do you get for a person that seems to have everything? Instead of a fancy dinner or an expensive piece of jewelry, we suggest giving them an experience. A perfectly planned getaway feels more personal and thoughtful than any material gift. 

In this post, we’re sharing useful tips for successfully pulling off a surprise getaway for your partner, sibling, or any other loved one. Let’s dive in.

Carefully Pick Dates

One of the trickiest aspects of planning a surprise trip is picking suitable dates. The last thing you want to do is plan the trip on a day when your partner has an important meeting. If you have access to their calendar, take a look and find days that work. You can also get in touch with their coworker or supervisor to figure out the dates.  In case either of you doesn’t have time for an extended trip, you should plan a weekend staycation. 

Pick a Perfect Destination

Plan A Surprise Birthday Getaway

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You may love skiing in snowclad mountains, but is that something your partner enjoys? We urge you to prioritize what your loved one likes. Whether they are seeking a peaceful cottage stay or a relaxing beach vacation, pick a destination that they will love.

Don’t Tell Too Many People 

If you share the surprise with too many people, the cat will be out of the bag sooner than you think. The more people you tell, the riskier it becomes. That’s why it would be best to keep it between you and a few close friends.

Find a Confidant

While planning a surprise birthday trip by yourself is doable, it can be challenging. Why not seek help from a trustworthy friend? They can help you with flights and accommodations so that your partner doesn’t get suspicious. Also, don’t make the mistake of paying with your shared account and ruin the surprise.

Invite Friends & Family

If you want to take the surprise to the next level, why not invite your close family and friends? Understandably, it will make planning even more complicated. But it’s worth the look on your partner’s face!

Book a Vacation Rental

Plan A Surprise Birthday Getaway

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While you may be thinking about booking a hotel room, we have a better idea. A vacation rental offers plenty of space as well as additional amenities that conventional hotels often lack. And it’s a better and more affordable choice if your friends and family are joining you. If you are visiting the Outer Banks, explore Duck vacation rentals.

Make Arrangements

You can hire a local decorator to prep the place for the party before your arrival. Alternatively, you can also make reservations at a posh Greek restaurant near Cincinnati.

Create a Fake Story

How do you get your partner to pack for the trip without revealing the surprise? You create a fake story! Tell them you have a high school reunion coming up or an old friend’s wedding. This way, they will be ready for a trip but not the ultimate birthday surprise!

Keep It a Complete Surprise

Plan A Surprise Birthday Getaway

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In case you’re thinking of keeping it a complete surprise, then you should ask your partner’s friend or sibling to help you pack their bags. If you do everything right, your partner will arrive at the airport without the slightest clue. 

Plan the Reveal

At some point, your partner will figure out that something is going on. You can start giving them little clues on the days leading up to their birthday. 

Final Words

A surprise birthday trip is something your loved one will remember and cherish for the rest of their life. We hope the aforementioned tips help you put together an unforgettable experience.

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