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What to do to Slow Down Hair Loss

slow down hair loss

Do you know what to do to slow down hair loss? Did you know, we lose around 50 to 100 hairs each day, and this is considered normal? However, when you wake up one morning, take a look in the mirror, and notice you’re losing a lot more hair than that, it does come as quite a shock!

In this guide, we’ll tell you what to do to slow down hair loss. We can’t say that all of these approaches to slowing down hair loss will work for you. Yet, it’s good to know a variety of tactics that you can employ and see if your hair growth changes for the better.

Now let’s first discuss why your hair might be falling out more than usual.

Reasons for Hair Loss

There are a few common reasons why you might be losing hair more than usual. These can include:

  • Your genetics
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • A type of hairstyle
  • Haircare that’s damaging
  • Medications
  • A medical condition

To figure out why you might be losing hair and how to slow down hair loss, a first good step is to reach out to a medical professional. They should put you on the right path to figuring out what is causing your hair loss.

Now let’s get on with this hair loss guide and check out different ways you could reduce hair loss.

Eat More Protein

If you’re not intaking enough protein every day, you could be experiencing noticeable hair loss as a result. Are you vegetarian or vegan? If so, try to reassess your diet and see if your protein intake is adequate.

As a general rule, you should be looking at getting 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram you weigh each day. And, there are plenty of ways to do this, even if you’re vegan. For instance, for a quick protein hit, you can try non-animal-based protein shakes in a variety of forms.

Increase Your Vitamin Intake

Another way to slow down your hair loss can be to increase your vitamin intake. If you have deficiencies with some vitamins, you can start losing hair at a rate you’ve never seen before.

Ensure you are getting a sufficient amount of vitamins such as C, E, D, B, and A in your diet. Iron and zinc are also important for hair growth. Plus, biotin is another substance you can take to help your body with zinc homeostasis.

Opt for A Mediterranean Diet

slow down hair loss

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels

Lots of protein, vegetables, and fruits are all part of a healthy Mediterranean diet. This sort of diet ensures you get a well-rounded and balanced source of all the things your body needs to run at its best, including healthy hair growth.

Other recently trending diets might be appealing to you. But have you considered that your hair growth issue might be linked to your new dieting habits?

It’s something to think about, especially if your new diet is restrictive. The issue is you might be restricting your hair follicles of something they require to grow.

Consider Hair Loss Medication

There are plenty of over-the-counter treatments for hair loss available these days. It’s up to you to do the research and find out which ones may potentially help you.

When doing your research, try to find legitimate reviews of the treatment you are checking out to see if it has worked for others. Also, consult with a medical professional about which treatments you are considering.

Another important thing you should look for in any treatment is whether it’s FDA approved. If it isn’t, stay well clear of the product as you never know what the repercussions might be.

Have a Good Scalp Care Routine

slow down hair loss

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels

If you are just noticing hair loss, one of the first things you can do is to start having a better scalp care routine. If you have been dying your hair or using any type of heating tool on your hair, stop right away.

Begin to treat your scalp and hair as more sensitive than before. Try to start using less harsh hair and scalp products. For example, you might want to start using natural shampoos rather than chemical-heavy ones. You might also want to see what happens if you wash your hair less or more.

Look At Therapies and Procedures

There are various medical procedures to consider when you are experiencing hair loss. Such procedures can include low-level laser light therapy or scalp micro-pigmentation.

Low-level laser light therapy is FDA approved and is said to help with hair growth. One of the main issues, however, with this type of therapy can be pricey.

Scalp micro-pigmentation offers a cosmetic solution for someone experiencing hair loss. Instead of trying to regrow hair, this procedure involves pigmentating your scalp with colors that match your natural hair color. Essentially it’s like a hair tattoo that gives the illusion that there is hair on the part of your scalp where it no longer grows.

Scalp pigmentation is an art form. Some practitioners will do a better job than others. If you’re interested in this type of procedure and want to check out a reputable practitioner, we recommend Scalp Co. Based in LA, these guys can adjust the appearance of your hairline using scalp pigmentation to make you feel happier.

What To Do To Slow Down Hair Loss Today

As you can see, there are various options on the table if you’re thinking about what to do to slow down hair loss. We’ll reiterate, however, that you should seek medical advice from a professional if you go down any serious routes, and also implement a good scalp care routine right away.

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