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Easy Up Dos for Steamy Summer Days

It’s ten minutes before you need to leave and your hair isn’t exactly looking like the “beachy waves” you anticipated and rather than the cute messy bedhead you resemble more of a birds nest. We’ve all been there and here are a few solutions to the problem. Here are a few easy up dos for steamy summer days!

1.  Roller Derby–  This will take you no more than three to five minutes. Simply grab a head band with an elastic backing and push your hair back. Make sure you have a few bobby pins handy and now start tucking the ends around the may take a few rolls the longer your hair is but once its all tucked bobby where it feels looser or in need of support. You have a super cute ‘do that looks like it took a lot longer than it actually did.

2. Pinwheels- This updo simply requires a few bobby pins.  Grab a front section of hair and start to twist it towards your face and pin back with a bobby pin. Do the same with the next section on the other side of your face. Grab another section of hair and simply twist it once and bobby pin it towards the back of your head leaving the ends free and repeat this step until all of your hair is up. The result is a cute but relaxed looking up do!
3. High Pony– This is when you’re truly in a hurry and bobby pins are just a hassle. Flip your hair over your head and flatten any bumps that may occur. Once thats done grab an elastic hair band and tie your hair. What you can do to polish it off is reach for a bottom strand and tie it around the elastic band to hide it or simply add a bow or tie some ribbon to add some detail.


French Buns– Take a front section of your hair and start french braiding it, finish at about ear length. Pin the braid back and gather the rest of the hair and either do as instructed in the pinwheel hairstyle and pin back sections or simply do a loose bun.

Summer is the time to be carefree and the less effort it seems is made the more summer “appropriate” styles seem to be. The best part about all of these are that they are effortless! Enjoy the summer and these cute hairstyles!

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