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5 Tips on Throwing the Best House Party This Festive Season

Whether you’re throwing a party for your very best friends or hosting something to get to know your neighbours a little better, there are some things you can do to ensure people remember it for all the right reasons. Here’s what to do if you want to be known as the person who threw the best house party this festive season:

  1. Focus on lighting and entertainment

party dj photoAs much as food is important at a house party, people don’t tend to come away from it saying “what an amazing pizza that was!”. Or, at least, that’s not what they’ll be talking about months from now. Instead, people remember the atmosphere – and a magical atmosphere is only created with great lighting and entertainment. So, start by putting together the perfect music playlist (theme it depending on your guests or the nature of the best house party your throwing), figure out how you’re going to make sure it can be heard in various rooms, and make sure you have plenty of ambient lighting. Fairy lights and candles are a great idea (keep naked flames somewhere safely out of reach so they can’t be knocked), and if your budget can stretch to it, consider hiring something fun like a disco ball or LED lamps that change colour.

  1. Serve great food

christmas cookies photoWhile food isn’t the most important factor when it comes to throwing a good house party, it’s definitely up there. People love going to parties where they’ll be well fed, so put out a platter of bits that can be easily picked up and eaten without needing to sit down or use cutlery. Serve pizza slices, breads, hummus and guacamole, hot wings, spicy wedges, vegetable rolls, smoked meats and cheese, brownies and cookies. None of this is ‘fancy’, but it’s all stuff you can prepare ahead of time, and it’s bound to go down well with everyone. And consider getting something delivered midway through the night – trays of chips will soak up the alcohol a treat.

  1. Chill your drinks ahead of time

There’s nothing that screams ‘unprepared’ so much as a host who’s serving warm alcohol. So, well before the party is due to begin, make sure you’ve got lots of space in your fridge so you can fill it with wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks and anything else you’re offering. You can pop bottles in the freezer to cool them quickly before moving them to the fridge – just remember not to leave them in there too long! And when it comes to serving warmer alcoholic drinks such as red wine, make sure they’re stored at the right temperature so that they’re good to go when your guests arrive: most red wines should be served slightly below room temperature.

  1. Make introductions

play cards photoThere’s a good chance that your guests aren’t going to know everyone, so be a good host and introduce everyone early in the night. Bring up common interests, stories that are relevant to both parties and then slowly pull yourself away from the conversation and leave them to it. That way, you won’t have to keep an eye on guests or do any awkward babysitting.

  1. Lay out games

Finally, the best house parties include things that give your guest something to do. After all – you’re not throwing a networking event, so make sure everyone has something to do if the conversation dries up a little. A deck of playing cards will always be picked up, and a simple game of beer pong or table tennis gives everyone something to gather round and laugh at. All you need is a dining table and a few bits and bobs to have the best house party this festive season – the competition will take care of itself.
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