Rebel Against The Black Elastic With By Lilla

The dreaded black ponytail holder; it photobombs all of your best Insta posts, leaves a lovely (read: unsightly) little indentation on your wrist, and quite frankly, it’s just plain ugly. Yet every girl with hair long enough to tie back knows the struggle, yet trudges on, black hair tie in tow. It’s time to “rebel against the black elastic” with ponytail holders that double as bracelets. Say what?


For the past 7 years, By Lilla has been on a mission to rid the world of the ugly black elastic—instead providing hair ties in the form of “arm parties.” Their bracelet-like elastic ties are stackable, customizable, and out-of-this-world trendy. Who knew hair ties could be so glamorous?

These fabulous stretchy bracelets aren’t just cute, they’re practical, too. You’ll never have to sacrifice style for practicality, and the metallic hardware, charms, and letters look just as cute in your hair as on your wrist. From minimalist styles with rose gold hardware to louder, charmed-out ties, you’re sure to find a set to match your style. By Lilla even caters to raver style, with kandi-influenced hair ties (my personal favorite)!

We took the liberty of testing out this seemingly too good to be true accessory, and the results are in: we’re obsessed! It’s rare I find a product that I can wear every day, but these hair ties will always have a home on my wrists—yes, both—and in my hair. I have always been at war with the black elastic, not just because of its innate hideousness, but because they are never, ever the right size. Either far too tight to loop around my thick hair more than once, or too loose to hold even one strand in place, I consider ponytail holders my arch nemesis.

By Lilla has totally changed the game for me. Their elastics are tight enough to stay put on small wrists, but have enough stretch to tame some serious mane. Magic, you guys. Plus they’re cute. More than cute, actually. These ties are a truly fashion-forward accessory, elegant even. Forget precious metals; elastic is in.

Whether your style is hippie-chic, modern and minimalist, edgy, or glamorous, By Lilla has got a hair-tie set for you. If you’re anything like me, your first taste of these trendy ties will be addicting. Talk about a gateway drug; I’m well on my way to snagging the entire collection. So say a not-so-heartfelt goodbye to your not-so beloved black elastic and join the revolution!

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Rebel Against The Black Elastic With By Lilla: Images courtesy of By Lilla

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