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5 Tips for Making Great Drinks

tips for making great drinks

Today we want to share 5 tips for making great drinks. Are you looking to entertain your guests? Do you want to impress and make sure that everyone has a good time? If so, you might be thinking about serving alcoholic beverages. They are a great social lubricant, and they can help you keep the party going. At the same time, not every drink tastes good. What do you need to do if you want to make sure that your drinks taste delicious? Take a look at a few key points below, and do not forget that practice makes perfect.

Use Quality Ingredients

The best way to make sure that you are using high-quality ingredients is to buy them directly from a reputable supplier. You should also try to find someone who makes their own mixes. It is much easier to control what goes into your drinks when you know exactly where everything comes from.

This includes not only your liquor but your mixers as well. For example, if you are making a whiskey drink, you may want to choose something from the middle if it is mixed with other mixers or top shelf if the whiskey is the star of the drink. If you are making a vodka drink, you need to think about the same thing. Then, make sure you have quality mixers as well. If the drink calls for espresso, make sure you use freshly brewed, not powdered. It will make a significant difference to the quality of your drink. Especially when making an espresso martini recipe, it’s one-third of the ingredients and helps to generate the foam in the cocktail shaker.

Chill the Glasses Ahead of Time

If you know you will be making drinks for guests, you should try to chill the glasses ahead of time. Chilling the glasses can go a long way toward improving the quality of your beverages. The liquor and flavors will taste much better if you chill the glasses beforehand. You may want to place a few glasses in the freezer a few hours before the party. The glasses will not take that long to chill, but the longer you chill them, the colder they will be. This means that they will also keep the liquid cold longer. You also might not have to add as much ice, which will keep you from diluting the flavor. Therefore, do not forget to chill the glasses before the party.

Measure Your Ingredients

tips for making great drinks

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When making cocktails, there are two main types of measurements used: volume (ounces) and density (grams). Volume measures how much liquid is in a container, while density measures how much weight is in a given amount of liquid. People expect their drinks to taste consistent. So unless you’ve experimented in advance, follow the recipe measurements.

Shake or Stir if Instructed To Do So

Finally, if the instructions tell you to shake or stir the drink, take your time with it! You may feel like just a second or two is enough, but it is not. Be generous with how much you shake or stir the drink. It is tempting to rush through it if you have a lot of drinks to make, but the more you shake or stir the drink, the more the ingredients will mix. This means the flavors will blend together better, giving you a better result. If you want to taste the difference, simply try one drink that hasn’t been shaken and yet another one that has been. You will notice a significant difference, so be vigorous when you shake or stir the drink!

Don’t forget the Finishing Touches

Add garnishes creatively and treat your cocktail as a piece of art. You can also add a special effect such as smoke, fog, bubbles, coffee beans, sparkles, etc. The most important thing is to make sure you are using fresh ingredients.

Get Better at Making Drinks

In the end, these are just a few of the most essential tips you should keep in mind to ensure your drinks taste good. Even if you have the necessary ingredients and equipment, there is no guarantee that your drinks will taste delicious. You need to practice regularly if you want your drinks to taste better. You might even want to consider signing up for a class in your area. Remember that the quality of the ingredients plays a significant role, so make sure you always have quality liquor and mixers when you are making drinks.

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