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Health Hacks Everyone Should Know

Health Hacks Everyone Should Know

Today we want to share a few health hacks everyone should know. We all want to be as healthy as possible, but it can be hard to know what to do for the best or even to find time to fit healthy activities like exercise into our life. Luckily, there are lots of ingenious health hacks that can make living your healthiest life as easy as can be.

Dance for a healthier brain

health hacksWe all know that dancing is great for burning calories and toning up, but it may also be good at keeping your brain young and healthy too. The physical activity combined with the mental effort required to follow the steps gives your brain a huge workout which helps to stave off cognitive decline more than you might think.

Use citronella to scare the mosquitoes away

Mosquito control companies are great at what they do, but they can only eliminate the mosquitoes on your property. When you are heading out, if you live in a place with lots of mozzies, you are basically offering yourself up as an all-you-can-eat buffet. `the resulting bites can be painful and even dangerous. Luckily, all you need to keep the pests at bay is a little citronella.

This simple essential oil has a strong smell that the mosquitoes hate, which means they will avoid you like the plague and you can enjoy your life bite-free.

Eat a big breakfast to lose weight

Eating a big breakfast has been shown to reduce your appetite for the rest of the day. Women who eat a large breakfast are less likely to be obese than those who eat their main meal at dinner. So, do wavy with tradition and make breakfast your main meal if you want to shed the pounds quickly.

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Take a group exercise class

Taking a group exercise class helps you stick to the regime because you not only have a set time in your schedule to workout but lots of support from the other class members, and plenty of competition as you all try to be the best.

Stand up

Standing up burns more calories than sitting, but more importantly than that it helps to maintain correct posture and as such, the more you stand, the healthier your weight, muscles, and bones will be, and once you get used to it, it’s very little effort at all.

 Use smaller plates

When you use smaller plates, your brain considers the amount of food you have on them to be just as large as they would on a bigger plate, but you can get away with eating far less, which means you can cut your calorie intake and shed those excess pounds without any drastic changes.


Meditation is something you should aim to do daily, even if just for five minutes. Mot only will it boost your mood, but it can lower blood pressure, ease pain and boost concentration, Add it to your schedule and your whole life will benefit.

Add these health hacks to your life and you will soon notice the difference!

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