Best Ways to Unwind and Reset Over Weekends

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In a new post-pandemic world, it can sometimes feel like our weekends don’t exist anymore. Any clear boundaries we once had seemingly disappeared when our work lives and private lives became intricately intertwined. Finding even 5 minutes during the week to focus on themselves is a struggle for many people, making our weekend time even more valuable to rest and reset to face another week. So whether you choose to unwind with a mini-spa day, or vape Australia, making that extra effort for yourself will always be worth it. 

Consciously Indulge

If you struggle to give yourself a place to indulge, consider the weekend to be the perfect time to change this. After a long week of work, indulging in a cocktail hour or an extra slice of cake can be a great way to reward yourself. 

Alternatively, you can buy that clothing item you have been eyeing or take yourself to the movies. Whatever you choose to go with, make sure you view it as a reward and avoid connecting any negative feelings to the item or activity. 

Unplug & Get Outdoors

If you work a traditional office job, you likely spend most of the day inside, being bombarded with emails, phone calls, and a multitude of other work notifications. However, it is time to unplug and get outdoors when the weekend rolls around. 

Research has shown that when people put away their electronics and reconnect with nature, they report back feeling refreshed, less stressed and anxious, and experience a considerable boost to their mood. It will also help your mind refocus for the new week ahead. 

Give Back

Performing an act of kindness is the perfect way to boost your mood and leave you with a more grateful and happy mindset. Volunteer at your local animal shelter, help out at a homeless shelter or give a free class on something you love. 

Not only will you be giving back to your community and helping others in the process, but you will also gain a new perspective on the world around you. Additionally, for those who struggle with rewarding themselves, doing charity work of some kind can help with feelings of guilt surrounding indulgence. 

Skip the Schedule

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You might have a strict schedule to stick to during the week, with each day being perfectly planned for you already. Because of this, it will be tempting to see your weekend as the best time to fit in every task and activity you cannot fit in during that time. 

Don’t fall into this trap. Weekends should be the time your body rests and recover. With too many activities, you will feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Instead, make a small number of plans with things you really want or need to do, but leave the remaining time as a ‘free for all.’ Sleep in, spend time lying on the couch, and allow your brain to switch off for a while.


Work-heavy weeks can become all-consuming, and we often start feeling disconnected from our friends and family. Therefore, social relationships outside work are essential for ensuring a balance between the two worlds and stopping us from feeling isolated and alone. 

The easiest way to reconnect is through nostalgia. Reconnecting with old friends, looking at photos, or digging up items that spark fond memories is a wonderful way of feeling connected with those most important to you. 

Learn Something New

When Friday finally hits, you might find yourself feeling uninspired and unmotivated. If this is the case, using time over the weekend to start and practice a new skill will boost your motivation and creativity and do wonders for your self-confidence. 

Finding something that engages your mind will be the best option, like learning a new instrument or perfecting your photography skills. However, it will be ideal if you can get more active and spend extra time outside. 

Pamper Yourself

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Pampering and indulging might sound similar to each other, but they do differ in some straightforward ways. Pampering yourself means taking extra time and effort when it comes to self-care. It could be in the form of going to have a facial or getting that massage you have been dreaming about all week. 

Putting extra care into the way you treat your body can release immense amounts of tension and stress that build up over time. And if you physically feel better, it will translate into a better mind frame and overall outlook on life. 


This might sound like work, but it is actually a very freeing activity to do. Unfortunately, having a more unorganized space ultimately leads to a cluttered brain, leaving you feeling out of control. 

To be successful in this activity, it is vital to start small and not overwhelm yourself with a daunting task that ultimately feels unattainable. Clear out your car, or pick a single room in your home to tackle. It will take you one step closer to organization, and the feeling of accomplishment will leave you on a high. 

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