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Great Tips for Moving Overseas

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Have you ever thought about changing your entire lifestyle? Today we want to share some great tips for moving overseas. Moving to another country sounds exciting and full of new opportunities, and will definitely change your life. Although it can be quite daunting, it’s crucial to have an important checklist to make your move easier and less stressful. Learning how to feel at home in a foreign country, whether you’re there for a year or more, it’s a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and start fresh.

Before hopping on a plane with your suitcase full of ambition and excitement, here are a couple of things you’ll need to consider.

Great Tips for Moving Overseas

Prepare your documents

Of course, this is the most important thing to consider before planning your move since it can take a longer time than you expect. Getting your documents in order can sometimes be complicated, so make sure to inform yourself and start the process on time. Check your passport dates, Visa requirements for the country you’re moving to, and remember to get health insurance.

For example, if you’re moving to the U.S. it’s important to know that you’ll need USCIS certified translation of important documents like birth certificates, transcripts, and others. The USCIS requirements are extremely strict, so having a professional and legal translator can help you avoid rejected visas, background checks, and slow application processes.” In case of moving to Canada, you may need to identify which type of visa you need. If one of your family members is already a Canadian citizen, you can consider getting family sponsorship in Canada with the help of your relative.

Research the country you’re moving to

It’s normal to do a background check on the country you plan to spend a year or more in, but remember to go through all the important details, even the minor ones. Some countries charge for importing personal belongings, vehicles, furniture, etc., regardless of whether they arrive by boat, air, truck, or on the person.

Check information about transportation since it will be a crucial point in your stay, and think about the living cost. Research about necessities and check the cost to rent an apartment since the price can vary depending on the location, size, amenities, and whether it has been recently renovated. You may also want to check if you’ll need a moving company such as Moveday Movers to help you move your things.

Figure out your work plan

Great Tips for Moving Overseas


A lot of people when moving to a new country usually decide to look for a job once they’ve settled. Others look for job opportunities before moving, so they don’t have to stress about it. If you’re planning to get a job in your new country, find out what your chances are and what requirements you’ll need.

If you need to have a good knowledge of that country’s language, think about taking classes before moving. Some countries offer better job opportunities for foreigners who speak the country’s language or work in a domestic company, and they can offer paid accommodation. 


Meeting people who have recently moved to that country whether they’re from your country or another, is always welcomed. Also, making virtual friends with people from your desired country can be quite beneficial in finding all the nooks and crannies to help you feel less stressed. There are plenty of online communities where foreigners living abroad gather together and share information.

These communities serve as a valuable space where a person can ask questions and get helpful feedback and even brutally honest responses about the realities. You can make some good friends that will help you once you land in the country. But remember, anything government-related should be checked with the government or a qualified professional. And don’t take all information for granted since everyone has a different perspective on things.

Great Tips for Moving Overseas

Understanding the culture

Be ready to experience culture shock, and remember to see differences as just differences. Don’t accept cultural stereotypes as facts, and have a more open mind. The fact is you will always stand out as a foreigner, you just have to embrace it, and you’ll always meet people who are uncomfortable with anything unfamiliar. Just remember to restore your emotional and mental health from time to time.

Also, try to eat locally and figure out what you like and dislike. You will always find places that serve food you’re comfortable with, and you don’t necessarily have to adjust to local cuisine. When you’re going out, try to drink what the locals drink and discover new things. This is another great way to learn useful vocabulary.

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Final thoughts

Moving overseas is not for everyone, but it’s good to do it anyway. It might be the best or worst experience in your life, nevertheless, it will be a useful experience. Be open to new opportunities that lead to social interactions, and don’t isolate yourself. This will greatly help you change your way of thinking and your lifestyle. It’s a great chance to start a new life that’s authentically yours in a country that’s not.

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