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The Decline in Las Vegas Tourism Numbers

The Decline in Las Vegas Tourism Numbers

Today we want to discuss the decline in Las Vegas tourism numbers. While numbers for the first quarter (and likely the second quarter) of 2021, show a slight uptick in visitors to the Western gambling mecca of the world, numbers are still well below total visitors in 2019. There are many reasons why Las Vegas (and the state of Nevada) is suffering and what is behind the decline. 

There is a Pandemic Going on

Well, what else would you expect as the top reason for a decline in visitors to Las Vegas. People are staying home at record levels, and even as more things open and more restrictions are lifted, many remain apprehensive to travel. 

Online Sportsbooks take to the Internet 

There was a time when the only way to get Las Vegas quality sports betting, was to be in the state of Nevada. However, in 2021, that is no longer the case. The best Las Vegas sportsbooks are available online and accessible all over the United States and Canada. 

The Different Vibe

For some – not all but many – it is a different space. The mask mandate has changed how it is and the vibe. Some people just cannot get into it – and it makes the place feel different. It may not change it for everyone, but for some people it is certainly enough to make the vibe feel off. 

Eventually things we return to normal, but for the time bring 

Casinos Open but Not Everything Else Returned

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Although casinos are a big draw for those visiting Las Vegas, they are no longer the dominating force bringing people to the city. Las Vegas has transformed into a world-class destination for food, entertainment – and in the last few years for sporting events.

Imagine being a big hockey fan from out of state and wanting to plan your bachelor party. You would likely delay it until you could guarantee yourself the ability to go to a game – amongst everything else you would want to enjoy. By the fall, we should see most things returning – although certainties do not exist in 2021. 

Disposable Income 

The last year has been trying on the finances for many people. Job loss, job uncertainty, and increasing prices of goods have caused many to cut back on frivolous spending. One part of that spending is vacations and every cost that goes into them. Some may opt to stay more regionally, avoiding planes and sticking to what is within driving distance. Others may just wish to stay home and see those who are within a walk or a quick commute. Whatever you put it, it is a different time.

When Shall We Expect a Return?

At some point things will return to normal. When is the question we all want to know. It has much to do with our choices and how we are as much as it has to do with everything else. By 2022 we could see more of a shift – but even that is almost four months away. 

Personally, I would enjoy a trip to the strip. When I head there,it is up in the air.

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