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Affordable Anniversary Gift Ideas for 2021

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Here are some perfect anniversary gift ideas for 2021 that are affordable. Surprising the person next to you, whether your spouse or partner can sometimes be stressful, especially when the day of anniversary is coming up! Moreover raving for innovating gifting ideas followed by budget constraints may leave more puzzled. And exactly at this point, if you’re seeking a way out of these, you’re at the right place. One great idea off the bat is to consider egift cards which you can personalize and make a keepsake. Take a glance at these 12 unique anniversary gift ideas that are flawlessly economical and startling at the same time.  

13 budget worthy anniversary gift ideas to surprise your partner

  1. Gift card, message bottle & a bottle of wine

Shop gift card at: Target $9.99| Amazon $6.99

affordable anniversary gift ideas

Photo by Tanya Gorelova on Pexels

Two lines of description, enough to remind how much you care for your partner. Being it your 1st year anniversary or 25th, the strategy works well for all. However you may personally customize the quotes on the Visa gift cards. As an alternative to a gift card, you may shop or use a pair of old bottles from the house and fold-n-drop soulful messages inside and put these near the bedside table or couch, the favorite alcove of your partner. While the idea will melt your partner it charges almost nothing on another hand to make it. However, if you wish to curate a bit more resonating and memorable, cart a bottle of wine of his/her choice. You know your partner’s taste right?

  1. Cute Map art

Shop T: Etsy  $58

If your bae is an adventure freak and steps out to rock climbing ventures whenever manages a couple of holidays, choose a map art photo frame as an anniversary gift. As it could be customized additionally, place both of your names under the image with the date you got hitched.

  1. Personalized gift boxes

Shop custom mug at| Amazon $24.90

When you’ve budget confinement to ladder up for an expensive anniversary gift, a box of custom gifts would serve as impressive alternatives. You can put together a printed pillow with a heart touching quote along with a pair of couple mugs inside the box. The whole gift set will perfectly fit under $30.

    4. Cigar set

Choosing anniversary gifts is different from choosing gifts for any other occasion as they should be memorable and symbolic. The first thing that will come to your mind is probably wine, but you can be even more creative and give your preference to handmade cigar boxes. A cigar is a great choice for an anniversary present, especially when it has a history and uniqueness behind it. You can choose from the Punch cigars, which offer Punch Double Coronas and Punch Punch versions. The Punch Punch provides light to medium-bodied smoke, with underlying tones of smokey wood and notes of milk chocolate. The double option has rich cedar and dark cherry flavors with chocolate and earthy notes.

     5. Whiskey glass set

affordable anniversary gift ideas

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels

Shop at: Amazon $46.99

A classic box with a pair of whiskey glasses absolutely blows off your husband’s mind, as your 5th anniversary gifts. Additionally if you can accompany a bottle of his favorite brand, then simply the day will be a lifetime experience.

     6. Passionate iron-sculpture couple

Shop at: Amazon $39.99

Young couples who have just spent 1 year of wedding or in a steady relationship for the same time, an affectionate couple artifact is perfect to embrace their feeling on this very special day. The couple sculpture is available in various styles and designs for just under $40. You can go for any of it.

     7. Personalized cutting board

Shop at: Etsy $31.50

After spending 10 years of togetherness, you may feel nothing left more  knowing each other! So, what to gift for the upcoming 11th anniversary, is a true riddle!  Wait! You still have one option left! After discovering your partner’s passion for cooking you could pick a wooden engraved cutter board to encourage his endeavor. You’re absolutely free to indulge your own design upon it.

     8. Anniversary poster newspaper cut

Shop at: Etsy $16

Who doesn’t want their wedding to be grand? In the same way your wife could have secretly wished for an opulent anniversary celebration. However, in case you’re running low on budget arranging a big ceremony on the day, give her a unique poster wedding photo collage printed in a newspaper style.

     9. Scented candles with hilarious quotes

Close up shot of a person lighting a candle


Shop at| Amazon $20.99| Esty $10.20

Without naughtiness and hilarious senses of humor a relationship can’t be completed or be cherished. That’s why on this anniversary to poke your partner completely crazy and drooled, choosing a bottle of scented candles with witty quotes won’t be offensive!

**Note: if you’re too decent, avoid the idea. For the galore of scented candles are full of frantic quotes.

     10. A gift card from Zales

Shop Zales gift card

Women’s passion for jewelery is inexorable all the time. Thus, a gift card from Zales would certainly equate to 1000 carat diamonds if you do consider it as the anniversary gift for your dear soulmate! The gift card from Zales ranges from $50 to $2000 and handy both in physical and electronic form. You may give a round trip at the nearest Zales outlet for details.

     11. A tub of air plants

Shop succulent plants/ lilies at: proflowers $51

When you both played non-stop innings for the last 30 years, you must want to toast the anniversary day either inside 4 walls in each other’s hand or just being accompanied by nature. That’s why as a gift for the day you may order a pair of succulent tubs or lilies. Otherwise you could personally move out and plant a few saplings nearby your courtyard or within the society boundary of your residence.

     12. Sweet and cookies boxes

Shop at: Amazon $36.89| Proflowers $42.90

Sweeten up this special day accompanied by plenty of saccharine deals. That means simply bring home boxes of cookies, chocolates and dipped desserts. Turn the day sweet with flavorsome treats. For, happiness deepens more with sharing love and munching sweets.

     13. Make the surprise with books

Shop Gift of Imperfection at: Target $13.14

Gifting books on the day of an anniversary? No, no, don’t drift away, it’s not a nerdy idea! Rather this book is exclusively popular as anniversary gifts which named as The gifts of Imperfection written by Brene Brown. You could pick a piece of it for your partner!

With these 12 ideas let’s anticipate you’ve amalgamated fair ideas of how to treat your partner extraordinarily on the anniversary day under budget. So, do go for any of these and congratulations beforehand on this special day.

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