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Birthdays And Social Distancing: 5 Unique Gift Ideas

Today we want to share with you 5 unique gift ideas for birthdays and social distancing. Social distancing has been tough on all friends and groups who used to meet up once a week for drinks and conversation. It’s been tough on people missing their families, who had special ties with their colleagues, and anyone who loved and valued people in their lives that they didn’t live with. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still show them love, though, and we’re here to give you five amazing ideas for gifts that will blow them away, and remind them that you’re thinking about them. Our list has everything from DIY ideas to thoughtful gestures, so keep reading! 

gift ideas for birthdays and social distancing

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1. A Custom Portrait 

With everyone stuck indoors, people have occupied themselves with redesigning their homes. While some moved the furniture in their rooms around, those who could afford to, changed things up completely. If you know someone like that in your family, consider giving them a custom portrait painting as a gift! 

Choose a photo that they love the most, and have it turned into a masterful work of art. When it’s done, you can have it delivered straight to their doorstep. 

2. A Self-Care Package 

Who says you only have to give your loved ones a single big thing? Get yourself a pretty box, and fill it up with all sorts of knick-knacks, self care products, snacks and whatnot to cheer your buddies up. 

You can pick a theme for your self-care packages, like a movie night or a spa-day, and add things that would help them have the best day ever. A self-care package may include face masks, a bottle of wine, bath bombs, and chocolates, but a bake-day package may include instructions for your friend to bake a certain cake or pastry, and the ingredients they need to do it. 

3. Book Subscriptions 

If you have a friend who’s missing the library, or someone who generally just loves books, you can subscribe them to a service that sends them a book of their choice every month. Book of the Month has options you can choose from, and there are countless services just like this for things ranging from watches to art supplies. 

4. Supplies For Their Hobbies 

For the artist in your friend groups, what’s a better gift idea than a bag full of art supplies? If you’re looking this hard for gift ideas for the people in your life, you probably know what their hobbies are – orgift ideas for birthdays and social distancing what hobby they wish they could get into.  

Take the time out to do some research about what they’ll need for their hobbies, be it candle making, working with epoxy raisins, cake decoration, arts and crafts, or even building legos. There are bundles and information all over the internet that can give you all the information you need, and it might be a push in the right direction for many of your friends. 

5. Handmade Cards- With a Twist! 

If all else fails, go the classic route and make a thoughtful card for them. Choose the colors they love, use inside jokes, and make the card as special as you can. Then when you’re done, put a gift card for their favorite place to shop in there – or even for amazon for some extra sweetness. 

We all know how families and individuals alike are struggling in these times, and this kind of present might help your friends get things for themselves that they couldn’t afford but needed. 

In the end, gift giving is all about the thoughtfulness of the gift, and not the money that went into it. That said, don’t let the physical distance come between you and your loved ones! 

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