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Why You Should Invest in Amazon PPC

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Did you know that a successful Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can do wonders for your brand? Aside from providing a great return on investment, Amazon PPC can increase your brand’s visibility and boost sales by driving traffic to your products.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is Amazon’s advertising platform that can be used by sellers, vendors and third-party agencies to create ads by targeting keywords that appear in Amazon’s search results and on product listings. The great thing about this service is that anyone can view the ad for free, and you only pay if somebody clicks on it. There are three different Amazon PPC ad types: sponsored product, sponsored brands and sponsored display.

Sponsored product

In case you want to promote a single product using keywords to target customers, then a sponsored product is best. These adverts appear at the top of, alongside, and within search results, as well as on product pages.

Sponsored brands

If you want to promote up to three products and your own storefront, then you can use sponsored brands to do this, using keywords to target customers. These adverts appear at the top of, alongside, and within search results.

Sponsored display

If you want to promote a single product using machine learning, then a sponsored display is best. Instead of keywords, your product sales are driven by customer data, such as viewing and purchasing activity. These adverts appear on product details or related pages and on third-party apps and websites.

What are the benefits of investing in Amazon PPC?

top view of laptop standing at modern workplace with amazon website on screenYou may be having great success selling your product on Amazon and wondering how you can grow your business, or you may be looking for ways to attract more traffic to your products. Whatever your reason, the time to invest in Amazon PPC services is now as the current boom in online shopping provides many opportunities to capture traffic and with this comes several benefits.

High return on investment

First and foremost, Amazon provides you with a captive audience that is already actively looking to buy something. By placing an ad, you are more likely to see sales conversions as the customer is already open to buying. Furthermore, Amazon’s user base continues to expand, meaning that you can make a good return on investment (ROI) as long as your PPC marketing campaign is delivered effectively.

Better visibility

Amazon PPC increases brand awareness and product visibility. Typically, products with the most sales will appear at the top of search results, making it difficult for new products to rank highly. Running an Amazon PPC campaign is a good way to draw attention to your brand and your products. Furthermore, your competitors will be trying to take the best-selling spot through their own PPC campaigns, so why not beat them at their own game?

Increased sales

With over 350 million products on Amazon, your single listing can easily get overlooked without an effective advertising strategy. Since increased sales is a seller’s long-term objective, running an Amazon PPC campaign is an easy way to achieve this goal. Being able to get into the top results drives traffic to your product and helps to increase sales.

How can I get into the Amazon PPC game?

Before you get started, you will need to have an Amazon seller account and the ability to ship your products to the customer. Next, you will need to choose which of your products you would like to advertise. If you are running an automatic campaign, then Amazon will choose relevant keywords for you, but if you are running a manual campaign, then you will need to research these yourself. Before you create your campaign, you should optimise your product listings for SEO so that you can achieve higher rankings in organic search results.

Create your campaign

Amazon logo on black shiny wall in San Francisco mallThe Advertising tab in your Amazon account will allow you to choose which type of ad you would like to run. You then give your campaign a name, a start and end date and decide what your daily budget is. If you run a manual campaign, you will need to upload your keywords and then place bids on each one. Finally, you can submit your ad to Amazon, and within a few hours, it will be launched. To maximise your ROI and improve your results, check your ads regularly and monitor how they perform. Look for any opportunities to lower or increase your bids. The great thing is that Amazon will let you know if there are any issues with your ad and will even suggest how to fix them.

Get an Amazon PPC management agency

Amazon PPC is a bit like watching the stock market – if you know what you are doing, then great – do it yourself. However, to save yourself time, get the best Amazon PPC agency to do it all for you. They will be able to help you to stand out as a professional brand by using all the latest PPC know-how and saving your PPC budget for the strategies that work.

Final thoughts

Amazon PPC is in the top three advertising platforms, and we can see why – it’s a great way to boost sales, increase visibility and achieve a high ROI. To begin with, try each of the ad types to see what works best for you but be careful as every penny you spend on ads comes out of your profits. To maximise

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