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Balancing Study and Work while Having Time for Yourself

Balancing Study and Work while Having Time for Yourself

Today we want to offer valuable tips on balancing study and work while having time for yourself.  Many students work while studying, which can become very challenging and stressful. They have to find the balance between their studies, work and free time, in order to achieve a nice and complete experience of their young days. It is not easy to have too many obligations and find some free time for yourself. Add to that the stress of worrying about making enough money, studying and having some fun during the day.

That’s why we’ll offer some helpful tips on how to stay productive and healthy all through college, and make the most of your studies and work on one side, while also developing a healthy social life on the other. 

Pay attention to diet

Your young body is still developing from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly, so you have to think of your diet. Be sure to take enough nutrients, proteins, fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. However, if your diet is good, yet you still feel exhausted and not well-concentrated, think about boosting your diet with nootropics supplements for focus. Not only will they positively affect your mental functions, but they will also significantly enhance your cognitive abilities.

Balancing Study and WorkOrganize your free time and get enough sleep

It is also very important to organize your free time. You need to find enough time to rest as, apart from a good diet, the young body needs a good rest. It is very important to get enough quality sleep, so plan your free time activities in the manner which will ensure this. Be very humble and careful with alcohol, sugar and caffeine especially in the evening, for they can significantly hinder the quality of your sleep. If you feel stressed, a warm shower or bath can help a lot.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Whenever you feel like you have a problem, do not hesitate to ask for help. There are lots of people who can help, from your classmates and professors, student council and academic advisors, to mentors. Do not wait for problems to increase, but cut them at the stem instead. Remember that you are not alone in this world, and you are not supposed to solve all your problems alone. So, reach out to friends, family and trained professionals who can help you out.

Balancing Study and WorkSocialize as much as possible

Socializing is very important for young people. Since you are still learning from other people and different situations, it’s very important to come in touch with different habits and ways of life. Soon you will learn whom you like and dislike, which wouldn’t really be possible if you were to avoid social interactions. Socializing is of great importance both for your mental and physical health, which is why it’s advisable to spend as much time as possible with people who make you feel good.

Be ready to say “no”

Don’t fall for bad situations, people or things. You are adult enough to know the difference between right and wrong, so always use your head, think about people, suggestions or situations and be ready to reject anything you don’t like or feel comfortable with. No matter what others think, simply put, avoid wasting your time on wrong situations, decisions and people, and concentrate on what is best for you.

Learn how to control stress

With such busy lifestyles we all lead today, it’s only natural that we experience lots of stress on a daily basis. And, although impossible to avoid, you need to learn how to manage stress properly. Take control over stress: make a good schedule for your relaxation time and studying time, get as much sleep as possible, eat good food, make the most of your social activities, have a hobby and try to be as physically active as possible. 

Balancing Study and WorkKnow your priorities

Make the right schedule for all things on your agenda and prioritize your short-term tasks. Sometimes you will have to minimize your leisure time to finish some tasks, but this will make you feel very satisfied once the tasks are done.

Do not make a habit of procrastinating and relying on last-minute work, as its outcome is often not guaranteed or of high quality. Instead, be aware of all of your responsibilities and organize them accordingly. Also keep in mind that rushing to finish things last-minute will often cause additional stress and you’ll be far better off not adding more of it to your life.

Be aware of your goals

There will be lots of difficult situations you’ll find yourself in, but you are young and strong, and you know what your goals are, and how proud of yourself you will be once you achieve them all. There will be good and bad situations, but do not let them take over you. Knowing your goals will help a lot to overcome all the difficulties while studying. Take advantage of good situations to gain more strength for further actions. Make an image in your head of your path, and mark all the parts of it that you already passed and always look forward to.

Measure the part of your path that you’ve already passed and the part that is yet to come, which will help you look forward to reaching your ultimate objective. This will also help you spread your wings and encourage you to push onwards even when things become challenging or difficult.

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