8 Tips To Level Up Your Selfie Game

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Today we want to share 8 tips to level up your selfie game. Selfies are everywhere on social media. There are so many, ranging from mediocre selfies to those that look polished and perfect. The latter should be your goal. When you’re going to grace your followers with a picture of your face, it should at least be your best angle. Surely, you wouldn’t want unflattering photos of yourself making its mark on your digital foot print.

So, is there really such a thing as the singular best way to take selfies? Nope, there’s probably none. Take note of the differences in location, camera quality, face shape, skin tone, and all the other factors. Each selfie is unique in itself. But, the whole point of upping your selfies is so you always take a killer photo of yourself – whether you’re dressed to the nine, or you just woke up.

Before you make the mistake of posting another mediocre selfie, take time to learn the tricks of the trade first, whether you’re using your smartphone, a camera, or a face editor here, you should still consider these eight best tips to level up your selfies.

  1. Take Selfies Every Day

There’s nothing like improving through a lot of practice! So, take selfies every day. Of course, this doesn’t mean taking an hour of your day just taking selfies. Even a minute or two after getting ready will do. There’s no need to post the same practice selfies every day. You’ll bore your audience out.

Only post the best of the best. The whole point of taking selfies every day is simply to practice and discover what your best angles are. You’ll train your eyes, your smartphone or camera, and even master your head poses.

Here’s a bonus for you. Watch this video to learn more about taking the best selfies:

  1. Find A Nice Background

Your selfies don’t necessarily have to be just your face. Think of the background, too. If you’re posting the same background over and over again with the same angle of your face, you’re not giving something new. When you have the opportunity, try to look for a new background.

This will make your selfies a lot better. And, it’ll also create the impression that you’re actually out and about, doing something else with your life than just taking the same photos in the same location at home.

Who knows, that fresh background can actually provide good lighting and better features for your selfie?

  1. Make Use Of Natural Light

Digging deeper on the topic of light, use natural light whenever possible. Natural light is universally-flattering, regardless of the face shape and color. It’ll make you look brighter and fresher.

Position yourself with the sun behind your head. That way, you won’t have to squint your eyes or work through harsh shadows. Posing with natural lighting enhances dramatic effects and produces exceptional selfies.

  1. Know Your Camera

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

This fourth tip may sound basic, but even when you’ve been using your phone for so long, are you actually aware of all its features? If you aren’t, tinker on your phone first and get to know more about it. If you’re using a camera, such as when you’re traveling, study it and be aware of all its features. The more you know, the more you can actually use it to your advantage.

  1. Try Out The Best Selfie Angles

There are different ‘best’ selfie angles, based on your face shape, size, and color. This is something that’s entirely personal, and you’ll have to discover it on your own by taking more selfies.

But, if you’re really unsure how to go about with it, there are selfie angles which are a no-fail. Here are a couple you can try:

  • Point the camera upward, and look down at it with your chin slightly extended
  • Point your chin slightly down, while looking up towards the camera
  • Lay down, and put the camera directly above your face.

If all else fails and you’re in a pinch for ideas, take inspiration from the rest of the Instagram community. Click the #selfie on explore, and you’ll find thousands of copy-worthy selfie ideas.

  1. Show Something New That’s Happening

Events don’t always have to be extravagant for them to be selfie-worthy. But, at least they should give a break from your usual inside-the-home photos. Whatever brand new event is happening in your life, that occasion still calls for a selfie. One photo will do, as it’s genuine and real. Also, it allows you to share that moment with the whole world.

  1. Make Artificial Work For You

The days are dark and gloomy. The weather is cold. Try as you may, there’s just no leaving your home right now. What else can you use for a selfie? Artificial light.

If you’re a beauty guru, blogger, or enthusiast, it’s definitely worth investing in a ring light. Having one can significantly improve your selfies. Ring lights will simply make you look great.

But, without one, you can use what you have at home. Table lamps, wall lights, candles, whatever lighting source you have. Try experimenting with these alternatives, so you can still come up with the best selfies.

When using artificial light, however, you have to be more cautious with the angle. Otherwise, it may give unpleasant overcast or shadows which are less-than-flattering. The rule of thumb to follow is to leave it at eye level.

  1. Use The Timer

Selfies don’t always have to give a glimpse of your arms. If you’re aiming for an arm-less selfie, use your phone or camera’s timer. The 3 to 10 seconds make all the difference in giving you time and more confidence to strike the best pose.

Final Thoughts

With the tips above, are you feeling more confident and ready now to take selfies of yourself anywhere? Be it at home, school, work, while traveling, in the gym or wherever you are, there’s always an opportunity to take a nice photo of yourself. When you’ve been taking selfies for so long, it can be challenging to look for something new to enhance your selfies. But it shouldn’t be that way. Taking and posting selfies should be a happy, quick, and easy thing. Click away and post no less than the best selfies, starting today.

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