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5 Fashion Tips For Wheelchair Users

Fashion Tips For Wheelchair Users

Here are our 5 fashion tips for wheelchair users. Fashion tips for wheelchair users are usually not based on the latest fashion trends (although there’s no reason you can’t be trendy), but rather on what clothes are going to be comfortable while you’re using your chair.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right combination of what looks good, what you feel good in, and what works best for your lifestyle. These five tips for dressing as a wheelchair user will give you a good place to start from for choosing what to wear. Knowing that every piece in your wardrobe will fit you properly, make you feel good, and allow you to move freely will take a lot of the stress out of choosing what you are going to wear every day.

Don’t wear clothing that is too long

Fashion Tips For Wheelchair Users

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Longer clothing can be difficult for wheelchairs to wear. Long pieces, such as floaty scarves or maxi skirts can easily get caught in the wheels. They may look good, but you will struggle to be able to move freely and will spend your time constantly having to make sure you aren’t about to get tangled. This will soon get frustrating and annoying, and just not worth it. Choose clothes that are tighter, and that don’t flow away from your body so you don’t run the risk of getting tangled up when you’re trying to get around. 

Draw attention to your waist

Flowing shirts or long jackets can bunch up and look boxy when you are sitting down. To avoid this boxy look, you can add a belt to help your top to stay smoothed down and where you want it. A belt will also help to emphasize your waist. You could also look for more fitted shirts that are naturally tailored at the waist. The material will make a difference, as well. Thick cloth or big buttons can make strange lumps that make your midsection look thicker than it really is.

Another trick that can help is having your clothes tailored. Alterations are not usually as expensive as you might think, but they make a big difference. Have a shirt taken in or a jacket shortened, so you can get the definition where you want it and avoid bunching fabric or fabric interfering with your wheels. 

Have fun with your shoes

If you spend a lot of time sitting, your shoes will stay in great shape for much longer, giving you a great excuse to experiment. You can buy shoes that, in the past, would have been much too uncomfortable for you to walk in all day. Experiment with fun shoes that you might wear if you had to walk. Less practical shoes are an option too, as they are less likely to get worn or splashed, or otherwise ruined. 

However, you will need to be extra careful to get the right size. Make sure your shoes are not too small for you. If you are someone who often can’t really feel your feet, it is all too easy to do serious damage to the skin before you realize it by accidentally wearing shoes that are too tight. Otherwise, enjoy adding an exciting touch to your outfits.

Buy longer tops

Fashion Tips For Wheelchair UsersLonger tops will give the illusion of a thinner torso. Sitting down can make you look lumpy. It can also make you look shorter. A shirt that carries on past your waist can help to smooth everything out and lengthen your torso, making you look taller and slimmer. A long top will also prevent you from accidentally exposing any skin when you lean over. Shorter shirts ride up when you are sitting down. If you wear them long, you can keep your back and stomach covered whenever you need to reach for something or stretch. 


Now that you know how to choose your clothing, don’t forget to play with your accessories to draw attention to your favorite features. Necklaces, earrings, or ties can be used to pull attention to your face. If using a wheelchair means you find it more convenient to keep the rest of your wardrobe simple, accessories can help you to feel more on-trend. You can accessorize your chair too, with fun wheelchair bags or charms that attach to the wheels. 

Confidence and positivity are the best things that you can have while shopping for clothes. There are lots of styling possibilities for wheelchair users. Just remember to think about what makes your body look good, not what everyone else is wearing.

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