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Best Types Of Office Shoes For Men

Penny Loafers

Today we want to share the best types of office shoes for men. Shoes are a very important fashion piece in every man’s life. They speak your character and tell a story to the people you meet. This is especially true for situations like offices where looking your best would be your top priority because looking decent and presentable could be a factor in getting that job or a promotion. With the number of office going men ever increasing, the demand for office shoes also increases.

Though the number of shoes for men is very less as compared to that of women, if you do a little research, you could actually come up with a handful of suitable shoes for office going men. To make sure you don’t go through the trouble of this research, especially if you are a beginner to men’s footwear fashion, in this article, we have done the research for you. We have mentioned a few shoes that are best to be worn as office shoes for men around the world. All the shoes mentioned in this article can also be worn for daily activities.


Office Shoes For Men

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Oxford Shoes originated and rose to fame in the 1800s among men at Oxford University. Ever since then, these shoes have served just one purpose, and are extremely good at it. Oxfords are the go to shoe for a majority of men who wear formal clothing with waistcoats and blazers. Now that we are on the topic of Oxfords, make sure you look into Bruno Marc Shoes if you need not just a top quality Oxford shoes but also one that is affordable. With that said, if you love your formal clothing, make sure you buy a pair of Oxfords right away.


Men’s sneakers may not seem like a great deal as an office shoe, but trust me, if your office allows workers to wear casual sneakers, then you should definitely match regular sneakers with jeans or cotton pants. Unlike most of the other shoes, sneakers will make you look young, friendly, and approachable. This could be really important in office spaces. If you want somewhat formal looking sneakers, make sure you avoid any prints and rather stick to solid color sneakers.

Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers are one of the three major types of loafers available for men. Having originated in the early 1900s for the sole purpose of holding a coin to be used in coin booths, these shoes have come a long way. Even after the coin booths have almost disappeared, these shoes are still in trend in the same manner as they were 80 years ago. Penny Loafers are laceless shoes that are one of the best options available for men to be worn with semi-formal and some casual wear. But if have a really great looking formal outfit, you could easily pull off a formal look with this shoe as well.

Chelsea Boots

Ankle Boots are slowly rising to fame and are loved by many men for the stunning looks they provide when paired with jeans. And by far the most popular ankle boots are the Chelsea Boots. Chelsea boots are popular mainly because these shoes are suitable not just for office wear, but with lots of other outfits like jeans, cotton pants, and many more, making it one of the few shoes in the market that can be worn with the majority of men’s outfits for many occasions. Hence, if you are a minimalist and need just one or two pairs of shoes for all purposes, Chelsea boots and sneakers should be your first choices.

Derby Shoes

Derby ShoesDerby Shoes are very similar to Oxford shoes. Both are reputed as one of the best options for formal wear. But what really makes them different is the lace design. The laces in the Derby Shoes have open flaps whereas, in Oxford Shoes, there is a lack of any flaps as these are stitched to the shoe. Due to this, the Derby Shoes come off as slightly less formal as compared to Oxford Shoes. Thus, since Oxfords are only preferred with formals, if you need a similar shoe but for both formal and casual wear, then the Derby shoes might be a better purchase.

Chukka Boots

Another ankle boot on this list is the Chukka Boots. They are all-season shoes and are preferred by many men to be worn with casual outfits. These are made out of suede or leather uppers with a leather or rubber sole and have a slight heel lift of a few centimeters. One thing you can be sure of is that no matter what, Chukka Boots will never go out of style.

Monk Strap Shoes

Last on the list we have Monk Strap Shoes. Monk Strap, unlike the other shoes on this list, has a unique design. These shoes, instead of laces, have buckle straps that make sure to hold the shoe in place. They are usually offered with a single or dual side buckle strap design. Other than that, the shoe offers the same classiness as Derby and Oxford Shoes. Thus, if you a fan of such unique looking buckle straps on office shoes, then the Monk Strap Shoes are for you. These shoes can be worn with anything from formal to semi-casual outfits.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if you ever want to look presentable but don’t have enough knowledge about what shoes you might need, look no further and just pick any of the shoes mentioned above. Just make sure you match your shoe with the corresponding outfits mentioned above. But hey, if you do like your shoes with other outfits, feel free to match them so. As long as you look decent and like your outfit, you should be good to go.

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