5 Design Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Summer

Spring is finally here and it’s time to pack away your winter furnishings, give the house a good clean, and breathe fresh life into the garden. If you’re looking for inspiration to inject some light and color into your home, here’s our top 5 design tips for getting your home ready for summer, without spending a lot of money.

1. Declutter and lighten up
The easiest way to get your house ready for summer is to declutter. Run an objective eye over every room in the house, evaluate everything in the room, have a good clean and tidy, and rearrange the furniture to give that sense of light and space that we associate with summer. If necessary, increase the light in your rooms with a new coat of paint or by taking down heavy curtains.

  1. Change your soft furnishings and bed linens

One easy way to prepare your home for summer living is to switch all your winter themed soft furnishings for something lighter and brighter. Swap heavy, lined drapes for cotton curtains, exchange that soft and cosy chenille throw for a lighter version, and add in cushions in typical summer colors, such as green, blue, and yellow. Now’s the time to change your bed linen, too, by discarding heavy blankets and quilts in favor of summer weight quilts and lighter and brighter patterns in cotton or linen.

Simon Bevan/Homes & Gardens/IPC+ Syndication

Simon Bevan/Homes & Gardens/IPC+ Syndication

  1. Bring the outside in

There’s nothing that says summer quite like plants and flowers, and bringing greenery into your home is one sure fire way to add a summer feel to your rooms. Plants not only clean the air indoors, but will make you feel more connected to your outdoor space. Furthermore, they’re an ideal addition if you’re planning to put your house on the market this summer, as extra greenery is always recommended for selling your home quickly.

  1. Bring in the scents of summer

Flowers are a great way to inject the scent of summer to your home, but don’t forget that you can get a similar effect with candles or oil burners. Avoid using aerosol sprays by using essential oils to scent your house in a safe and natural way.

  1. Create an inviting outdoor space

While it’s always nice to repaint exteriors, if you’ve not got the budget for this kind of project, there are plenty of things you can do to create a welcoming and relaxing outdoor space. Make sure that your garden is neat and tidy, and then add some color with inexpensive bedding plants. Update your garden furniture with some new brightly colored cushions and add atmosphere with solar powered lanterns and lights.
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Featured image courtesy of Simon Whitmore/Country Homes and Interiors/IPC+Syndication

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