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Trend Alert – All That Glitters

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The most prominent fashion trend of 2022 is eco-conscious.  Trend alert- all that glitters can be recyclable. So today, we want to share some of the biggest brands in eco-friendly fashion! First, the fast-fashion industry is one of the primary sources of pollution, but when it comes to our jewelry, we seem to look past where it came from and how it harms the planet. According to WorldBank, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. So here are how some of the world’s biggest name brands in fashion are starting to become sustainable. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds look and give the same luxurious feeling like a regular diamond. In addition, these diamonds are better for the environment because we are not mining them. Furthermore, mining for a single diamond takes anywhere from 88,000 to 176,000 pounds of dirt to be sifted through. In result, this causes significant environmental damage and poor labor conditions for workers. Similarly, lab-grown diamonds are half the price and of the same quality as mined diamonds. 

Recycled Diamonds

Recycling diamonds are better for the environment solely we are reusing them. You may not have known where it came from initially, but that’s more fun. Additionally, recycling diamonds prevent further mining, harm the environment, and less cruel working labor. The rules do not say that vintage is just for clothing!!

Ethical Jewelry Brands 

Trend alert- below are five jewelry brands taking a step in the right direction for our Mother Earth. It is time to stop shopping fast fashion brands.  Start reconsidering where you are buying your fine jewelry from. Here are some small business jewelers that are making a significant impact.


The jeweler brand, Mejuri’s is not only trendy and posh, but committed to sustainability. Furthermore, 80% of their gold is recycled and 100% of their supplies are traceable back to their sources. Resulting in the 20% of the diamonds that are not recyclable are mined from areas that are dependent on the mining industry.


Agmes is a jewelry brand that defies all odds with its unique styles and trendy pieces. Agmes focuses on using recyclable metal and stones. Consequently, the craftsmanships of their details are all done by hand.


Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages purpose is all about sustainably sourcing, specializing in makers-to-markets. So, the brands mission is to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries.  By doing so, they are bringing their products to consumers worldwide. Also, not only do they specialize in jewelry, but they offer home goods, spa+wellness, outdoor accessories, and more.

Aid Through Trade

The brand’s bright beaded jewelry stands out and helps women worldwide. Their vision is to empower women’s lives by enabling ethical, fair, and sustainable employment. Moreover, villages in developing countries are given employment opportunities to create and continue their culture through beaded artwork.


SVNR has been worn by many and loved by all. This brand’s purpose is to capture each decade through expressional jewelry. Next, all of their products are made by finding, reusing, and recycling new products.  The natural materials are all handmade.Cinqueterre



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