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How to Dress Up for Your Next Social Event

Dress Up for Your Next Social Event

In 2023 the fashion world is no longer bound by prerequisites for looking a certain way. Clothing today is all about freedom and expression; we all express our uniqueness and creativity through the outfits we put together. Then, of course, there are those days when we simply want to dress for comfort and the task at hand.  

There is something to be said for getting dressed up, however, especially when it comes to attending a certain type of social event. Sure, we can all dress up in our finest outfits simply to feel happy about the way we look, but if we rock up to our social engagements or nights out with the appropriate outfit, our self-esteem goes through the roof! 

Knowing what exactly is appropriate to wear for each occasion can leave us scratching our heads, especially when dress codes are implied but not made explicit. That’s why we’ve put together the following guide to how to dress up, ensuring you’ll look your best from the red carpet to the casino.  

Dress Codes at a Glance 

Casual – This dress code is the most relaxed and is appropriate for informal events or everyday wear. Jeans, t-shirts, and even sneakers are acceptable. 

Dressy Casual – Think elevated casual; not trying too hard but just enough. Swap the jeans for tailored trousers if you’re wearing a tee, and add glamorous heels to finish.  

Business casual – Dress as if you were meeting a client: smart and presentable but still showcasing your own unique sense of style. You can go the whole hog with a fitted suit, or soften an A-line shift with a silk overshirt or cashmere cardigan.  

Cocktail – A dress code that calls for luxurious fabrics, shorter hemlines and luxe jewellery. If in doubt, stick with black or rich jewel tones. 

Black tie – The most formal dress code (with the exception of white tie). You can’t go wrong with a formal gown and diamonds – no one will know if they’re really cubic zirconia!  

What to Wear to a Special Occasion 

Dress Up for Your Next Social EventIf you’re not the main event at a special occasion like a birthday, wedding anniversary or celebration dinner, don’t make yourself the centre of attention by wearing a splashy outfit. Celebrate in style by adhering to any dress code that’s stated on the invitation.  

If you haven’t been given a dress code, err on the side of caution and stay within the boundaries of dressy casual and business wear. The aim is to look like you haven’t dressed up too much but have still made an effort to look nice for the occasion. A well-cut jumpsuit with simple accessories never goes out of style. 

What to Wear to the Casino 

The tricky thing with casinos is that dress codes can vary from country to country and even city to city. A good way to think of dressing for the casino is to look as though you belong there. In much the same way that you’ll prepare yourself for a night at the roulette table by playing this classic casino game online via a reputable platform like PokerStars Casino, you should research the venue and what it expects from its clientele.  

If you’re headed to a prestigious casino like the Casino de Monte Carlo, don’t settle for anything less than business attire in the day or cocktail wear once the sun sets. You can never go wrong with muted colours and luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk. The Mecala black short dress is perfect for various social events like casino night.

What to Wear to the Opera 

Let’s face it, even though opera is an art form that should rightly be enjoyed by everyone, when it comes to going to the opera, the occasion feels all the more special when you dress up for it. Opening nights can often be a formal occasion, so indulge your inner Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and wear something beautiful.  

Usually, formal dresses in classic cuts and solid colours are the most appropriate things to wear. Of course, you can add your own flare by wearing a pantsuit or jumpsuit, but remember the solid colour rule – an opera house is not the venue for lairy prints. Finish off your outfit with a sophisticated shawl in case it gets chilly in the royal box.  

What to Wear on the Red Carpet 

Have you been lucky enough to receive an invitation to a red carpet-event? Nailing your outfit is crucial if you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb amongst the jet-setting elite. Red carpets are the time to indulge in unabashed glamour, especially if you’re attending a movie premiere, but remember to keep it formal and elegant.  

The number one rule on a red carpet is to look your best. A long evening gown is considered the most appropriate option, and it is expected to be worn with elegant shoes and complementary accessories. 

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