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Ebony Buckle Serenades Her Alter-Ego in “Susan”

Ebony Buckle is a larger than life character…literally. One fateful day after she overindulged in Prosecco, her alter ego Susan the Raptor was born. Susan is unapologetically a mess and doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion. Ebony cherishes her so much that her new single, “Susan,” is an anthem to her imaginary best friend. The message is clear – when in doubt, always ask yourself, “what would Susan do?“ You can check out the music video for “Susan” HERE.

Cliché: Who would you consider your biggest musical inspirations and why?

I would say Imogen Heap has been a soundtrack to most of my adult life. She is so epic and then her lyrics can be about such small and specific details. I also love Regina Spektor and Kate Miller-Heidke. Their storytelling in their music is something I really admire and I think I have always been drawn to singers who are unique and imaginative. 

Has imagination always been an important element to you in your own creative process?

Yes very much so. I’ve always had a very big imagination…not to sound too braggy. I daydream a lot and many of my songs have come out of this. It’s normally very helpful but it does lead to a few moments of massively over-thinking myself in to an existential crisis. But it’s mostly fun. 

How did you forge your own identity as an artist?

I think I am only just at the beginning to be honest. But I realised that if my music was going to reach anyone it needed to come from the genuine version of me. So I try to focus on just making music and not worrying too much about what people will think…not always easy. 

When did your imaginary best friend and alter ego, Susan the Raptor, come into the picture?

Susan appeared late one night about 5 years ago. I had had too much Prosecco and suddenly there she was and I named her Susan. Since then she has become a big part of my life. She is messy and trashy and I love her. 

How did she inspire your latest single, “Susan”?

The song is an ode to her and for her.

What does Susan symbolize for you? 

Susan is the side of me that loses control and can be reckless, but also doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She marches to the beat of her own ancient drum. I think everyone is made up of many different sides and I just happened to name one of mine. 

Would you say she’s helped you to become more confident as a performer?

I think so. I would like to think I have taken on some of her more helpful qualities…and also let go of some of her unhelpful ones (Prosecco). “What would Susan do?” Is something I often ask myself. And then I either do the opposite or cover myself in glitter ;). 

What would your advice be to other female artists who want to carve their own path into the industry?

I don’t really feel I am in any position to be offering advice to anyone. But I would say that it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed and like the world is against you sometimes. The music industry Is rife with people telling you how to behave and what music is acceptable. Ignore that as much as you can. The only thing you can control is yourself and the work that you create. So just go and do the work and make it yours and make it something you want to make. 

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Ebony Buckle Serenades Her Alter-Ego in “Susan.” Photo Credit: LPR Agency.

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