Consciously Choosing the Positive with Ally Renee

2022 was a big moment for aspiring model Ally Renee as she honed in on fundamentally changing her outlook. “This past year really showed me what hard work, discipline, consistency, and not fearing failure can do in terms of my career and overall well being,” she says. “I spent this year prioritizing my weaknesses, holding myself accountable, and taking action. Reading many mentality strengthening books, consistently keeping up with my physical health, building meaningful relationships, leaving draining relationships, and spreading positivity has drastically improved my mindset… I believe your life is only as good as your mindset. I spent many days alone reminding myself my situation will improve. I spent many days not booking, struggling financially, fighting self doubt, not seeing any progress but I just had to trust that the work I was putting in would pay off. Reflecting on this year, I have acquired knowledge on the importance of habits, being honest with myself (good or bad), blaming no one but me, time is the most valuable, and seeking the ‘good’ in all situations…no stress!” This perspective crystallized out of a middling haze of debauchery. “I would say my shift in my mindset happened on a specific morning. I moved to LA to pursue this dream of mine since I was a child. I quickly fell into the ‘night life’ routine and surrounded myself with the wrong crowd. I was not booking, I was being lazy, I was not making any money, and I was not looking or feeling my best. I remember waking up around 1 pm (which was happening consecutively) and I thought to myself, ‘What am I doing with my life right now? Why am I waking up at 1 pm? Why am I partying? WHAT am I celebrating?” I quickly had to hold myself accountable that my situation of not booking and not seeing any progress in my life was a direct result of my lack of effort. I was wasting potential. I was wasting time at parties I didn’t even like, I was hanging around people I didn’t even know. I am a firm believer in working while you are young…the choices I make now will dictate my future. Work now, have fun later.”

It all started with deconstructing her relationship with herself. “My view of myself has changed in the sense that I trust myself. I trust that I can make change for myself. I trust that I can be honest with myself, taking it as constructive criticism rather than ‘negative self-talk.’ I see myself as completely capable of anything I want to do in life. My work ethic just needs to match it.” Baby steps are the most crucial part of any metamorphosis. “I would say I gained confidence in my own potential when I started accomplishing little goals for myself. For example, I would write my goals down for each day, check off what I accomplished, and self-reflect at the end of the week. When I could visibly see how consistent I was being, I gained trust in myself and was confident it would pay off. I was not looking for overnight results, but making sure my actions/habits throughout my day reflected the goals I had. I quickly learned I have control, and almost everything is a choice.” You cannot allow yourself to be stopped by negativity, whether the source is yourself or others.”I want to inspire others to stop fearing failure and reach their full potential. So many have no idea how their lives could look. So many are put down by family members, peers, self doubt, etc., and then end up hating their life doing something they don’t love. I see so many people stressed about their life situation and genuinely believe it can’t change. I want to use my platform to inspire others to let go of their doubts, take control over their lives, chase their dreams, and be truly happy. As I learned, it’s all a mindset. If I can change someone’s mindset and they put the work in, I believe that can change a life.” Maintenance of a steady routine will be among the healthy habits to follow her into next year. “I plan to continue staying consistent with my physical health, my mental health, reading books, only entertaining what will add value to my life, and building bigger platforms while inspiring as many people as I can. I will continue aiming high for myself. The sky’s my limit!” 

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Consciously Choosing the Positive with Ally Renee. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ally Renee.

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