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The Latest Trends in Home Furniture

trends in home furnature

Today we want to share the latest trends in home furniture. Furnishing your home with designer occasional and accent chairs is a way to express yourself, impress your visitors and improve the environment you live in every day. There are many trends at play in the furniture market, and keeping up with the latest movements and fashions will ensure that your interior design is on point. Let’s take a look at just a few of the most impactful contemporary options.

Curviness is cool again

trends in home furnature

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While straight lines reigned supreme for some time, curves are back with a vengeance this year, and it is no surprise that everything from stylish affordable couches to high end equivalents are embracing this look.

Curved furniture tends to be better suited to larger spaces, although a couch or coffee table which is all about rounded edges and supple lines can actually be a good investment for fitting into those awkward areas of your home, depending on the room layout.

Those who are lucky enough to secure some will benefit from lightweight yet strong chairs and tables, which are suited both to inside use as well as for outdoor dining and entertaining. Visit Interiorbeat website to browse rattan furniture items. Thanks to its neutral hue and natural texture, rattan blends with whatever style you’ve got in your home.

Natural materials are at the top of the agenda

As awareness about the environmental crisis facing our planet grows, furniture buyers are increasingly interested in the sustainability of the materials used to make the products they choose.

The best way to ensure that a piece of furniture will both stand the test of time and offer excellent recyclability or biodegradability at the end of its usable life is to select all-natural materials, with plainer wooden furniture rising to prominence as a result.

We are also living in an era in which reclaimed materials are hitting the headlines, providing sustainability and a level of uniqueness that helps buyers to escape from the mass-produced products of the past.

Bold colors are back

While neutral tones have been dominant for a while now, some people are starting to push back, ensuring that bold colors are introduced to rooms by choosing just one statement piece of furniture.

This could be something as small as a dining chair with chair cover, but might be more eye-catching if you choose a sideboard, display cabinet or couch which is in a brighter hue than the rest of the room. Even out right clashes of color are encouraged, as this will really make the piece pop.

Vintage is very much in demand

For a long time there was a movement to repurpose vintage furniture and ‘upcycle’ it, hiding its heritage with paint, varnish and adornments. In keeping with the call for more sustainability in the furniture industry, as well as a move towards increased authenticity, retro pieces are being brought back and buyers are aiming to keep them as original as possible to ensure they have a rustic charm.

Experts agree that this is only something you can move towards slowly, since finding all of the vintage pieces you need at once is almost impossible. Approach this project with a long term view to transforming a space, and you will surely be satisfied.

Rattan and wicker are on the rise

Once seen as a relic of the past, the popularity of furniture made from rattan and wicker has exploded in the past few months, meaning that it is hard to get your hands on second hand or new examples alike.

Those who are lucky enough to secure some will benefit from lightweight yet strong chairs and tables, which are suited both to inside use as well as for outdoor dining and entertaining.

It is perhaps this trend that defines the wider furniture market best at the moment. People are looking for products that meld old-world charm with modern sensibilities for aspects like sustainability, and woven furniture fits the bill perfectly. The only problem that people will face if they want to jump on this bandwagon is actually getting hold of any!

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