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Simple Tips to Brighten Any Room Using Cushions

Simple Tips to Brighten Any Room Using Cushions

As Summer fast approaches us, we know many of you are wondering what are a few simple tips to brighten any room using cushions.  Summer is the perfect time to redecorate a bedroom, living room, bathroom or even an outdoor living space.  Adding new cushions to your redecorating project might not seem like an effort that will make a big difference but new cushions will absolutely have a positive impact on your living space.  Let us show you.

Let’s be honest, for some of you it’s been forever since you’ve redecorated any part of your home or apartment.  It’s okay, we get it.  Work, kids, school functions, friends and all sorts of important obligations prevent you from even considering it.  Well, now is the perfect time to redecorate.  The best part is that we are going to start with something simple: cushions.  Adding new cushions to your redecorating efforts might not seem like an effort that will make a big difference but believe us, it will.   Lets start with your most favorite room.  Are you ready?  Here are some simple tips to brighten any room using cushions.

The living room for most people is their sanctuary.  A place the family congregates on the sofa to enjoy a Friday night movie and pizza, where friends come over to relax in your modern wingback chairs to share the latest gossip over a glass of wine.  Your living room should feel comfortable, inviting and project a true feeling of relaxation.

Nowadays when you purchase a new sofa, love seat or sectional you receive free cushions. Some sofas come with cushions that feel like car seat pad. Seems only right after spending a lot of money but these cushions are usually the exact color as the sofa and often times feel cheap.  Quality and decorative cushions, like these from simplycushions.co.nz can provide the perfect touch for your living room and really spring it into life.  Keep these simple tips to brighten any room using cushions in mind when searching for the perfect set of cushions for your living room.

  1. Furniture with a darker shade provides the opportunity to find creative ways to use bright colors.
  2. If your furniture color is solid, consider multi-pattern cushions.
  3. Make sure to take notice of the fabric type/texture. Texture can easily accentuate the style and add depth.
  4. Consider your personal taste and style when selecting cushions.  Perhaps it’s art, glam or comfort.
  5. Don’t forget about other elements in the room.  The walls, paintings, the floor, area rugs, tables, etc.
  6. Try be afraid to try different combinations/styles of cushions to exude a more polished and decorative look.

terimakasih0 / Pixabay

Let’s next look at redecorating cushions for your outdoor furniture.  Outdoor entertaining is huge during the summer.  Pool parties, family BBQ’s, morning coffee or afternoon tea with colleagues or friends.  and most trends surround transforming your outdoor space with elements of your indoor living space.

simple tips to brighten any room using cushions

terimakasih0 / Pixabay

So what’s the most natural and awesome way to bring the indoors out?  Decorative outdoor furniture and beautiful patterned or bright cushions of course.  Colors like orange, lime green or even ocean blue scream that summer is here and it’s time to relax and enjoy the beauty that the summer months bring.  When transforming your outdoor living space, keep these simple tips in mind to make the most of your creative efforts.

  1. First, think about the overall theme or look that you’d like to have.  It’s easy to go with “what’s hot” or what’s trendy but make sure it’s something that you really love.  If you already have a theme for your outdoor living area, focus on how redecorating your cushions will enhance your current theme and the surrounding atmosphere.
  2. Use your surroundings to influence your decision.  Is your backyard in a dry and desert like atmosphere or are you next to a lake, swimming pool or lush garden with bright colorful plants and flowers?  Is your furniture situated on grass, cement or cobbled stone?
  3. Ensure you are using quality cushions.  This will be an area of your home that you will likely use every day throughout the year but certainly every day during the summer.  It should not only look and feel inviting but it should be comfortable and relaxing.  Select cushions that do not fade in direct sunlight.

Please keep in mind that you can use these simple tips to brighten any room using cushions throughout your home including your bedroom, guestroom and even your bathroom.  We want you to have a fabulous summer.  You can start with a small redecorating project that focuses on replacing or purchasing new cushions that are comfy, beautiful and bring your room to life.

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