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Sell Your House Using the Hottest Home Design Trends In 2020

If you want to know how to sell your house using the hottest home design trends in 2020, keep reading.  Interior design trends ebb and flow with the seasons.  But if you’re thinking of selling your home, you don’t want to invest time and money updating it according to the latest design fad—it will just put buyers off.

Even more so, if you’re struggling to sell a flat with a short lease or a house with an undesirable post-code—you have one chance to impress people viewing your property and how it looks really matters.  The good news is the next decade promises to bring a range of exciting new design trends. But you can also expect themes like sustainability and minimal functionality to remain top favorites. 

home design trends in 2020

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So, here are the hottest home design ideas to help you sell your property in 2020. 

Futuristic Palette 

You can say good-bye to millennial pink and hello to neo mint. Inspired by the fusion of nature and technology, the home color palette is going to reflect macro trends and the wellness movement more. When re-painting your walls, go for off-whites, greyed blues in the kitchen and bathroom. Choose paper browns, bold golds and deep greens to go in the living room and bedroom 


home design trends In 2020

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Our fascination with the past continues to inspire home design into 2020. Whether it’s 1920’s art deco, 70’s disco or 80’s decadence—the current trend of mixing and matching the old with the new is expanding to incorporate more eras and themes. So, for example, hot trends will include mid-century retro furniture, Scandinavian homely minimalism, global fusion taking inspiration from around the globe.


The popularity of having plants in the home is a massive trend. Not only do plants bring a touch of beauty and elegance to our homes – they’re also good for us. As we learn more about the benefits of plants and trees both for the planet but also our own well-being and mental health, there’s been a sharp increase in the popularity of bringing the outdoors inside.  And before your protest you’re not green-fingered, there are heaps of plants that requires barely any care—such as succulents, cacti and Yucca trees. 

Geometric Shapes

Finally, the monopoly of carpet design focused on the square is ending. Instead, you can welcome the triangle, hexagon and oblong. Geometric shapes and global patterns are going to be big next year. From flooring to tiling imagine ethnic Nordic meet classic English herringbone.  What’s more, geometric shapes can bring a unique sense of timeless elegance to your home—and will really impress your prospective buyers.


The modern house-buyer is increasingly environmentally aware and socially conscious. When viewing properties, top of their list is energy-efficiency. For instance, is the house insulated so less energy is required to heat and cool it down?  

Make sure your home sustainable by applying the reuse-reduce-recycle approach. For example:  

Reuse — reuse reclaimed building materials from other projects rather than purchasing new ones such as salvaged wood flooring. 

Reduce — buy locally manufactured items or handcrafted artisan products like natural fabrics

Recycle — use renewable materials, or products with high recycled content as these have a lower environmental impact such as bamboo or cork wall paneling. 

Hybrid homes 

As our work and home life continue to collide, where we live needs to provide a counterpoint to ease our hectic lifestyles. As more people choose to work from home, the popularly of open plan living is a deal breaker for many people. Buyers want to have an integrated space where they can work, socialize, spend time with family, cook and even exercise.  If you have ideas on what the hottest home design trends in 2020 are, please let us know in the comment section.

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