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Create a Stylish Space with Metal Prints!

Create a Stylish Space with Metal Prints!

When you want long-lasting and attractive artwork for your home or office, look no further than metal prints. It is a fully customizable wall art format that is strong and durable enough to hang without a frame. Metal prints will bring out the beauty of every pixel of your digital photo, turning a smartphone picture into a true style statement.

Just like photos printed on paper, metal prints can be fully customized – you can choose for printing any picture you want. But unlike photographs on paper, metal prints can be displayed in any room, even bathrooms and kitchens. So let’s take a closer look at this awesome wall art format and explore all the advantages of printing photos on metal.

What are Metal Prints?

To some extent, metal prints are similar to canvas or paper prints, as a printer replicates an image on a printing medium – in this case, it’s a sheet of metal. For printing, thin metal sheets are used, the ones often made of aluminum. The best way to get an image onto a metal sheet is through a process called dye sublimation. Printers put the image on transfer paper, then use a special coating to infuse the image on the metal sheet.

Finally, printers use a giclee printer to put the image on the transfer paper. The image then bonds to the metal sheet as the image and metal sheet move through a heat press. The ink, transfer paper, and heat make the bond permanent. For those looking to responsibly dispose of unused toner cartridges, exploring options to sell toner can help reduce waste and environmental impact.

Advantages of Metal Prints

Printing on metal is arguably one of the most durable printing formats these days – other printing mediums such as canvas or photo paper are prone to creases, tears and curling. Moreover, both are porous materials and absorb water and even smells for the surrounding environment. Metal, however, is a completely pore-free surface that isn’t affected neither by humidity nor sunlight (especially if the prints come with an extra UV protection layer).

Metal prints are also quite lightweight, and you can hang them without needing clunky photo frames – but bear in mind that you’ll need a special hanging kit for these prints. Usually, printing providers that offer metal prints also sell hanging kits that cost just a few dollars.

Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Print for Your Home

Before you choose your metal prints, it’s a good idea to understand your options. Because metal prints are highly customizable, you can choose a variety of sizes, finishes, and mount formats.

Photo Quality and Vibrance

Take time to choose the perfect photo for printing on metal. Metal prints truly pop with style and character when you choose an ultra HD photo with vibrant colors. Large-format metal prints show the beauty of high-quality, clear, colorful photos. If you do photo editing, enlarge it to see what it will look like on a large metal print. The large metal photos show every flaw, especially poor photo edits so make sure that your picture is impeccable before submitting it for printing.

Finish Options

Metal prints are available with glossy and matte finishes. Glossy finishes will show reflections, and they can have glare, especially when displayed near sunny windows. However, glossy finishes can make vibrant colors pop, especially if you choose a bold landscape for your metal print. On the flip side, you can also choose a matte finish for a flat finish without glare or shine. Black and white photos look best in matte finish. Consider the subject of the photo and how it would look with a shiny or matte finish.

Wall Mounts

Metal prints do not need outer framing, as they are sturdy enough to hang alone on a wall. CANVASDISCOUNT.com, a US-based custom printing provider, has specially designed mounting kits for metal prints. These kits let you hang your prints vertically or horizontally, depending on the chosen print size and your picture. They add a few dollars to your wall art project but save you from having to visit a hardware store to find the individual mounting pieces.

How to Incorporate Metal Prints into Your Space

Metal prints make walls pop, as the bold colors and unique surfaces attract attention. Your metal print will become a focal point in your room. Consider hanging it over your fireplace or in a location that shows off its beauty and boldness. If you have one large metal print, place it in a spot that gets noticed. If you put your metal print in your office, place it near the entrance so your visitors see it, as the piece will become a conversation starter.

You can also try building a gallery wall of smaller metal prints. Do try adding metal prints to galleries of canvas and framed art but bear in mind that large metal prints have all the potential of stealing the show from other gallery wall features. People notice the metal prints, and often ignore the canvas and framed art around it. Because metal prints become a focal point in your space, consider placing lights near the image. If you choose a glossy print, evaluate how the lights affect the reflective surface. Matte finishes benefit from nearby lights, especially as the matte finish does not reflect any light.

You can draw more attention to a new metal print by adding some colorful matching furniture around it. If the metal print has a main color, consider adding furniture with a similar or contrasting color.

Caring for Metal Prints

Metal prints are easy to clean, because of the durability of the metal sheets and the permanence of the sublimated printing. You can clean a metal print with microfiber cloth or a slightly damp cloth, as moisture does not damage them. If you opt for framed photos and canvas prints, you will need to take extra care when dusting and cleaning the prints. Photos covered in glass can get moldy if water gets under the frame, and you can tear a canvas print if you put too much pressure on it.

Because metal prints are made from aluminum sheets, you don’t have to worry about ruining the surface or your artwork. You can use gentle pressure to clean a metal print, and if necessary, you can use a damp cloth to remove a tough stain.

Final Words

Metal prints make eye-catching, attractive, durable, and long-lasting wall art for homes and offices. Bold photos with vibrant colors and daring compositions look best when printed on metal sheets. The final product is easy to clean and does not need a frame. You can instantly change the look of your space by adding a large format metal print to a focal wall in your home or office.

CANVASDISCOUNT.com invites you to visit their website and experiment with designing your own customized metal print. Their user-friendly website makes it easy to design a metal print and envision how it will look on your wall.

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