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4 Interior Design Styles Inspired by Celebrity Homes

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When it comes to home décor inspiration, there’s no shortage of ideas to draw from. One of the most intriguing sources of inspiration is celebrity homes, and thanks to magazines and the internet, we can now see much more than ever before.

With their lavish lifestyles and access to the best designers, celebrities often create stunning and unique living spaces that showcase their personal style. It’s no wonder that many people want to try to emulate that idea. With that in mind, here are some ideas for interior design styles inspired by celebrity homes.

Victoria Beckham – Minimalist Design

Victoria Beckham, the well-known fashion designer and former Spice Girl, is known for her impeccable taste. We can see it every time she goes anywhere; her clothes are stylish and chic and she never has a hair out of place. So it stands to reason that her home would have a similar style to it – and it does.

Although the Beckhams actually have a number of different homes, Victoria’s London house is certainly one that many people would want to copy. It’s stylish and minimalist, making it a lovely space to enjoy as a guest or to live in. The home includes plenty of sharp lines and a neutral colour palette, and the focus is, as you might expect, on high-quality materials, right down to the floor tiles. You can get a similar look from

Kate Moss – Eclectic Design

celebrity homesKate Moss, the iconic supermodel, has a definite love for vintage glamour in her home design. Her Cotswolds’ residence includes a blend of both vintage and modern design ideas and elements, including luxurious velvet sofas, antique mirrors, and artwork from all eras.

The great thing about having an eclectic design style like this is that you can focus on having just the things you love in your home without having to worry about how they link to one another. Not only does this mean your home will be precisely how you want it (without necessarily following any design rules, which can be ideal for some), but it also means that it’s entirely unique.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Scandinavian Design

Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress and founder of lifestyle brand Goop, embraces the Scandinavian design philosophy in her homes. This means that the end result has to create a serene and calm atmosphere, and a lot of the time this is done by using natural materials and focusing on comfort over and above anything else.

You’ll want to create light and airy spaces with plenty of natural light, and you can include a lot of organic elements where possible too. Wooden furniture and natural floor tiles as we mentioned above can be ideal. However, you’ll also want to include plush sofas and armchairs, throws and blankets, and cosy cushions to ensure you can really relax in your beautiful home.

Tom Hardy – Urban Design

Actor Tom Hardy enjoys a more urban look when it comes to his home design. Known as ‘modern industrial’, it certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it can look fantastic. Features include exposed brickwork, raw concrete floors, and furniture that is more functional than comfortable (at least in terms of how it looks – comfort is still important in practice, of course).

This style is perfect for those who want to appreciate the building materials used in their basic form and who want to add a kind of rugged look to their home.

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