License to Thrill: How to Get The Perfect James Bond Style

If you want to know how to get the perfect James Bond style, listen up. Whether it’s the Walther PPK or the vodka martini, James Bond has his own way of doing things. Through six actors and 24 (soon to be 25) films, some things haven’t changed: 007 knows how to dress. The gentleman spy always makes an effort and has the perfect outfit for every occasion.

the perfect James Bond style

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It’s quite necessary for the life of an international spy. If James Bond’s life is as hectic as the films suggest then he has quite the schedule. He could have a morning meeting in London, a skiing trip for lunch, and be foiling an international criminal conspiracy before supper. And that’s not to mention the twelve to fourteen dates with supermodels and scientists he has each day.

Bond comes prepared and is ready for every occasion. Let’s look at how he adapts his clothing to the ever-changing needs of international espionage.

When it’s hot

the perfect James Bond style

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James Bond is no stranger to the heat but for 007, it’s all about staying cool. You never know when you’ll be sent to faraway beaches so be prepared. Bond has done just that but things have certainly changed through the years. Back in the Sean Connery era, Dr No saw 007 in a powder blue wool polo shirt with matching trousers. The legs were rolled up for Connery but Roger Moore removed them altogether. His terrycloth play suit in Goldfinger is the stuff of legend.

But things soon changed. Moore’s Bond braved the heat with a rather fetching safari shirt and trousers combination in The Man With The Golden Gun but MI6’s finest got a lot more casual as time went on. By the time Pierce Brosnan had taken up the mantel, 007 was wearing Hawaiian shirts. If that isn’t your thing, just throw on a pair of blue swimming shorts a la Daniel Craig’s Bond.

When it’s cold

International terrorists need holidays just like the rest of us. So, Bond is used to a trip to the Alps to foil some dastardly plot. Daniel Craig did it stylishly in Spectre but that wasn’t the only time Bond headed for the mountains. Roger Moore’s incarnation dressed for the slopes way back in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me with this rather shocking McDonald’s-inspired yellow and red one piece suit. Pack your ski gun and Union Jack parachute to complete the look. There’s a reason it was ranked by IGN as the number one James Bond moment.

When it’s formal

the perfect James Bond style

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Ask anyone about James Bond’s clothing and they’ll think of a tuxedo. The gentleman spy is more used to a suit and tie than anything else, which is only natural considering how much time he spends in casinos. From Diamonds Are Forever to Skyfall, 007 knows his way around a game of poker or roulette. It’s a reason why James Bond is ranked by online casino Betway as one of the best examples of casinos in popular culture. That reputation is well-earned with Bond fully representing the setting.

To do that, you’ve got to look good. Bond typically went for a classic tuxedo, the black jacket, trousers, and bow tie with a white shirt. That has occasionally made way for a white jacket like Roger Moore and Sean Connery as well as Daniel Craig’s trip to the Casino Monte-Carlo in Casino Royale.

Of course, sometimes a tuxedo is just too normal. In those instances, Bond has typically gone for just a standard three or four-piece suit and tie. The waistcoats have become less common down the years but what has remained is 007’s sense of style.

When it’s specialist

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But sometimes a suit just won’t do. Some occasions require specialist garb and fortunately for Bond, he has the full weight of MI6 behind him. The result is a rather extended wardrobe. Take for instance this scuba suit he wore back in Thunderball. Sean Connery’s Bond was bold enough to wear this red latex suit with a harpoon gun to complete the look.

Secret Service. 007 rocked the full kilt and sporran combination as well as a rather unusual golfing outfit in the same film.  But, of course, not everything is a big hit for Bond. He has occasionally ended up looking like a clown. Octopussy is the best example of this with the gentleman spy donning full face paint, red nose, and a wacky hat to complete the transformation into a clown. Clearly, Bond didn’t follow his own advice in this instance and ended up regretting it.  We hoped you liked our article on how to get the perfect James Bond style

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