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Tips For Living With A Weak Bladder

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Today we want to share some awesome tips for living with a weak bladder. As we grow older many of us suffer from a number of health issues such as lack of mobility in our joints, loss of eyesight, or issues sleeping. However one very common issue that covers many of us as we grow older is an overactive bladder. 

When you have a weak or overactive bladder it means that you might struggle to hold in urine for a long stretch of time, and you may also find that you leak a little while out and about. This doesn’t mean you need a catheter though, it just means you need to learn how to control and manage your issues. 

Today we want to talk about some of the ways that you can learn to manage and live with a weak bladder this year. 

Encourage better sleep

If you often enjoy a cup of tea before bedtime, this is a habit that will need to stop. For those of you who have an overactive bladder, it takes less liquid to trigger the need to pee, and this means if you drink before bed you will be up all night going to the toilet. Try to avoid drinking any fluids after about 7pm and this will allow you to have a more peaceful sleep

Use protective pads 

The idea of an ‘adult nappy’ is something that is quite taboo and embarrassing- but these helpful little pads aren’t always big and chunky and can be incredibly discreet to wear. If you are worried about leaking while out of the house for a long stretch of time, a discreet pad like this will give you some peace of mind and will ensure that you don’t feel worried all day. 

Limit your coffee 

Everyone loves a morning cup of Joe, however if you have an overactive bladder caffeine is not the best thing for you to be having each day. Caffeine sadly is a diuretic and this means it encourages the body to detox and urinate. So if you are ever going to be out of the house for a few hours, avoid having a coffee before you go! 

Cut back on alcohol 

Is there any fun left? Unfortunately, drinking alcohol can have the same effect on your bladder as caffeine. Alcohol will not only make you need to wee more often, but it will also interrupt your sleeping pattern and this means you are likely to be up more often and on the toilet. 

Avoid diuretic medications

If you are taking any medications currently, it might be worth reading the back or asking your doctor whether any of the medications you are taking are diuretic. It could be the case that this is the reason you have an overactive bladder, and by finding an alternative medicine you could actually save yourself and your bladder! 

Living with an overactive bladder can be a challenge, but by taking these steps it should be a little easier for you to manage the condition and hopefully stop it altogether.

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